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The leader of the largest party in the Lower House of the Bundestag becomes the Chancellor, provided that he or she has an overall majority and subject to confirmation by the House. The German system of government, like that of most democracies, isn't keen on a head of the executive who can't get legislation passed. Since the foundation of the Federal Republic in 1949 all governments except one - that of Adenauer from 1957-61 - have been coalitions. Joncey

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Q: Who becomes chancellor or prime minister of Germany?
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Does Germany have a prime minister?

Yes, Germany has a Prime Minister who is known as the Chancellor of Germany. The Chancellor of Germany is the highest elected official in Germany.

What is the Prime Minister of Germany called?

He or she is called the "Bundeskanzler" (chancellor).The Prime Minister is called the Chancellor of Germany or the Bundeskanzler.

Who is the Prime Minister of Germany?

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor, which is equivalent to prime minister.

Who ist the Prime Minister of Germany?

The head of government in Germany is called the Chancellor, not a Prime Minister. The current Chancellor of Germany (August 2012) is Angela Merkel.

Was Hitler a prime minister for Britain?

No, he was the Chancellor of Germany.

Who is the prime minister Germany?

Germany doesn't have a prime minister but is governed by a chancellor. The current German chancellor is Angela Merkel (CDU). She succeded Gerhard Schröder (SPD) in 2005.

Who is the Prime Minister of Germany in 1980?

1980 Helmut Schmidt was chancellor of Germany

Does Germany have a president or a prime minister?

It does have a President; however, he has little power. They have a Chancellor instead of a Prime Minister.

Who is the prime minster of Germany?

Germany doesn't have a Prime Minister. It has a Chancellor (Bundeskanzler for a man and Bundeskanzlerin for a woman) and a President.It's current Chancellor is Angela Merkel.

Was Adolf Hitler prime minister?

He was the Chancellor of Germany from 1934-1945.

Do Germany and the UK have a prime minister?

Yes, though in Germany the position is officially referred to as the Chancellor of Germany.

What Titles are the leaders in Germany given?

Germany has a Prime Minister who is also known as the Chancellor. It is better to call the leader the Chancellor. So... Chancellor is the title of the leader.

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