Who broke Benito Mussolini out of jail the first time he was imprisoned?

The Italians Otto Skozeny, the commander of the German commando-style team that rescued Mussolini in 1943. The new Italian government placed Mussolini under house arrest after he was voted out of office and resigned his postion. He was moved from place to place to keep him from the Fascists. However, the Germans discovered that he was confined at a resort hotel sitting some 6000 feet atop the Gran Sasso, the highest peak of the Appenine mountain range, some eighty miles northeast of Rome. Skorzeny organized a group of Luftwaffe paratroopers to rescue Mussolini using gliders and an armored column and a kidnaped Italian general Ferdinando Soleti. The rescue was performed on September 12, 1943, and it earned him the Knights Cross award.