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Who brought a great revival to the city of Chicago?


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River City Revival was created in 1999.

No. The Great Chicago Fire caused the need for the city to rebuild.

Chicago is the largest city in the Great Lakes region.

That chicago is a cruel yet great city :)

Chicago Illinois is not a lake (great or otherwise). It is a city on the shore of Lake Michigan, which is one of the Great Lakes.

That would be Chicago in the Great Chicago Fire.

Chicago rebuilt after the fire into a world class city.

Chicago was built on a swamp. Unlike New Orleans, after it flooded once, Chicago brought in a lot of dirt and raised the height of the city so it would not flood.

You'll find the revival herb shop in Eterna City, on the road leading to the Statue in Eterna City.

They built new buildings, especially "skyscrapers" which were invented in Chicago

Buffalo or Chicago has great pizza and buffalo has great wings too

The city of Chicago, Illinois is located on the shore of Lake Michigan one of the five great lakes

Chicago, IL is located on the south southwest shore of Lake Michigan, one of the five great lakes.

Because of its great plains and famous city (Chicago).

lake Michigan port city is Chicago

Chicago received the nickname "Second City" in the late nineteenth century after being rebuilt from the great Chicago fire of 1873.

There are no cities in Chicago because Chicago is a city.

Illinois (Very great place to go to when you need to travel across the United States; Chicago)

It was the Erie Canal which linked the Great Lakes of the interior to New York City.

ChicagoChicago, Illinois is called the Windy City.Chicago, IL

Chicago, a big great city was built on the shore of Lake Michigan because it just was, let's leave it at that.

Chicago is a city. It is the largest city in the State of Illinois.

The following are the major nicknames of Chicago:"The Windy City" - Its really not that windy. May have referred to the longwindedness of politicians, but there are other theories."Second City" - Possibly because of the city's rebirth after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. There are other possibilities for this name also.

The exit that would be half way from Iowa city to Chicago il on interstate 80 is the Great White Way.

The best places to go for dating in Chicago are at the local bars and eateries. They have great food in that city and great beers to go with it. Nice people all around.

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