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Homo sapiens is a largely biological designation and science does not allow issues of spirit to tread upon it. But the world is changing quickly. Issues of the spirit are on the rise and the next stage of human evolution already has some names floating around:

homo spiritus

homo sanctus

It's a change in which either science, or common perception dictates that we do have spirits, and are divine, destined for immortality.

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Homo sapiens are modern Humans. We don't know yet what the future of our species will hold.

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Q: Who came after homo sapiens?
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What were the people called who came before homo sapiens sapiens?

Homo sapiens

Where did homo sapiens sapiens appear?

They came from homo habillis, and homo habillis came from Africa in 2million BC

Are present humans homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens?

Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Scientific name for homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens(Modern humans are Homo sapiens sapiens, other subspecies include Homo sapiens idaltu.)

Why homo sapiens sapiens disappear?

They didn't. We, modern humans, are homo sapiens sapiens.

What do homo sapiens look like?

Homo Sapiens, are a species of the Homo genus. There were two subspecies of Homo sapiens, known as "Homo sapiens sapiens" and "Homo sapiens idaltu". The Homo sapiens sapiens are the only surviving species of the entire Homo genus, and are commonly known as humans. The direct ancestor, the Homo sapiens idaltu looked very similar to how modern humans look today. However, as for the general question "What do homo sapiens look like", look in the mirror.Homo Sapiens is what we are, so just take a look in the mirror.Homo Sapiens is what we are, so just take a look in the mirror.Homo Sapiens is what we are, so just take a look in the mirror.

In what order did Homo habilis and Homo erectus and Homo sapiens exist?

Ardipithecus ramidusAustralopithecus afarensisHomo habilisHomo erectusHomo sapiensHomo sapiens sapiens(modern humans)

What organisms are homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens are modern Humans. We are more often called Homo sapiens sapiens now.

How did the Homo Sapiens Sapiens live?

That depends on the time period. We are Homo sapiens sapiens.

What is the diet of homo sapiens sapiens?

Homo sapiens sapiens are omnivores -that is, we eat everything.

What was the homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens are not extinct. Homo sapiens are humans. Modern humans, in fact.

What does 'homo' and 'Sapiens' mean in latin?

Homo is man sapiens is wise

Do Australian aborigines belong to the Neanderthal Homo sapiens or the homo sapiens sapiens?

homo sapien sapies

Who Discovered homo sapiens sapiens?

Homo sapiens sapiens are modern Humans. We discovered ourselves.

What animal species are you?

Homo sapiens Homo sapiens

What are the types of Homo Sapiens?

homo sapiens idaltu

What were homo sapiens known for?

Homo Sapiens are humans. You are a Homo Sapien and so am I.

Are modern humans homo sapiens?

Yes, our official scientific name is Homo Sapiens. We are sapiens of the Homo genus.Yes, according to Binomial nomenclature, humans are Homo sapiens. In the past there were humans who weren't Homo sapiens. They belonged to other species in genus Homo. Their gradual evolution led to Homo sapiens, that is us.

How many tipes of human were there?

Members of the species Homo Sapiens include:Homo Sapiens Idaltu (Extinct)Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis/Neanderthals (Extinct)Homo Sapiens Sapiens/Modern Humans (Living)

Are the homo neanderthals similar to the homo sapiens sapiens?

Very similar. Sapiens Sapiens are modern humans.

What is the main point on which scientists disagree about the origins of homo sapiens?

Where they came from

What is the domain of Homo sapiens?

The domain of Homo Sapiens is Eukarya

Which was the earliest human after homo sapiens?

Humans are homo sapiens.

What two subgroups developed from homo sapiens?

neardenthals and homo sapiens sapiens. neardenthals died out, we are homo sapiens sapiens :)

What are the disadvantages that homo sapiens had?

if you are comparing them to the neanderthals, the homo sapiens were not as stocky and strong as them. the homo sapiens were also controlled by their fear.