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Aboard the ships of the First Fleet to Australia were over 700 convicts, soldiers (some with wives and families) and Captains Arthur Phillip and John Hunter. The Reverend Richard Johnson was also aboard.

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The First Fleet to Australia was made up of several hundred convicts from Great Britain, along with hundreds of marines and officers to guard them and administer the new colony.

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Q: Who came on the First Fleet to australia?
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When the First Fleet came to Australia what was it known as?

The First Fleet was known as the First Fleet when it came to Australia.

What were the living conditions like for aboriginal woman and children on the first fleet to Australia?

There were no aboriginal women and children on the First Fleet to Australia. The Aborigines were alresy in Australia, while the First Fleet came from England.

How many ships came to Australia in 1788?

Eleven ships came to Australia with the First Fleet of convicts in 1788.

Who is Australia's first governor?

Australia's first Governor was Captain Arthur Phillip, who came with the First Fleet in 1788.

How did John Caesar get to Australia?

he came on the first fleet ship Alexander

What was the first city visited in Australia?

When Europeans first came to Australia it had no cities.The first city to be founded in Australia was Sydney, which was founded with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

Did the horses brought to Australia by the settlers come from Europe?

The horses brought to Australia by the First Fleet, came from England.

Did the English bring Christmas to Australia?

Yes. Christmas was a tradition that came to Australia with the English convicts and officers of the First Fleet.

Was Captain Cook the first settler?

James Cook was not one of the first settlers in Australia. He died nine years before the First Fleet came to Australia.

What is the Australia First Fleet called?

The First Fleet.

What was the first fleet of ships called that landed in australia?

The first fleet of ships that landed in Australia was simply called the First Fleet.

When was the first goat introduced?

The first goats to Australia came with the First Fleet in 1788. Goats were an important source of meat and milk.