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Who came up with slavery?


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No one knows for sure who came up with it but what is it. We are sorry!


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No - he did not speak out against slavery; he lived in a slave state and when a slavery related issue came up , he was on the pro-slavery side if he had to take s stand.

how slavery came to an end in the united states

== == Slavery in the United States was banned in 1862.Slavery came to an end in 1863.

the captin came back to save the people to escape from slavery

Up from Slavery was created in 1901.

because some people didn't believe in slavery but some people did. So they came up with abolitionists

they came to the caribnean because of slavery and Caribbean is a small islandThe africans came to the caribbean to do slave work.Infact they were forced to do slavery for the EUROPEANS.

They stood up for slavery because they thought that slavery was not right.

Fare trade was when the soldier came up and told them if they fighted in the war then they would get land and food and water

Because the government had to put the issue aside when the slavery issues came up.

slavery startedin 1494 when christopher Columbus came to Jamaica and enslaved the tainos

Slavery came to the colonies in 1609, so it has been here since the start.

describe the theme of the novel up from slavery

Slavery did not end in the British Empire until the year 1833. The act to abolish slavery came in 1807, though.

do you know any famous people that came from the slave trade

slavery in the Americas started when the Europeans came over and they started to enslave the native people

The voting public in each territory that came up for statehood.

it was already there no one knows where it came from

When George Washington came!

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

The last state to give up slavery was Missouri.

No. She was an abolitionist, which means she was against slavery, but the official decision to end slavery came from Abraham Lincoln. As president, Abraham Lincoln had the authority to mandate the end of slavery for all states.

explain how unfair treatment and slavery affected women wh o came to california during the 1800s?

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