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who cam up with the Articles of Confederation

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Q: Who came up with the Articles of Confederation?
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How did the Articles of Confederation come into existence?

the articles of confederation came into existence in 1781-1789.

What came after the Articles of Confederation?

After the Articles of Confederation failed, the Constitution was introduced to the United States, who were not very united at the time.

What came first the articles of confederation or the constitution?

The articles of confederation did. This created a very weak, decentralized government. It was not until a little while later that the constitution came into being

What came first the articles of confederation or us constitution drafted?

Articles first and then constitution.

During which conflict was the Articles of Confederation written?

The Article of confederation came AFTER the revolution and was replaced by the constitution.

How affective was government under the Articles of Confederation?

Basically, the Articles of Confederation was a total screw up... does that answer your questions?

What documents came before the constitution?

the articles of confederation and Virginia plan

Was the Constitution the first governing in the US?

No. The Articles of Confederation came before.

What was the one good thing that came from the articles of confederation?

The Northwest Ordinance

Where did they revise the Articles of Confederation?

They attempted to revise the Articles of Confederation at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, but found there were too many problems with this method. They threw out the Articles completely and came up with United States' current government, based on the US Constitution.

What is under the Articles of Confederation?

what is under articles of confederation

What is one paragraph of the Articles of Confederation?

hi what up?

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