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Heinrich was the person that came up with the Final Solution.

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Heydrich was the one ordered to come up with the Final Solution.

the ghettos came before the final solution

No. It was actually Reinhard Heydrich who came up with the idea.

The main idea of "The Final Solution" was to kill all of the Jewish people. This idea came from Adolf Hitler.

The Nazi's wanted to wipe out the entire Jewish population. But, the problem was that they didn't have anywhere to bury the dead bodies. So, they came up with a final solution. They final solution was after they killed somebody they would burn them in the oven. After that they would take the ashes and dump them somewhere such as a nearby river.

Hitler and his generals came up with the “final solution “ to kill all the Jewish population of Europe.

"The Final Solution." Or "Final Solution." Often referred to in Nazi documents as "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question". Note that Hitler never actually came up with a specific plan - his subordinates (led by Himler and Heydrich) gathered together a committee to devise the actual plan, at the direction of Hitler.

Most of the Jews in Nazi controlled areas ended up dead. After all, that was the purpose of the 'Final Solution'.

while the Jews during the second world war were crowded up in ghettos Hitlers was thinking up of a way to get rid of them. he came up with the final solution ( to send them all to concentration camps and kill them there)

The Final Solution started quite late into the Holocaust. The order for the planning of the Final Solution was only given in June of 1940. Three stages could be: planning, implementation and covering-up.

The final solution ended in 1945

The Final Solution was the Holocaust.

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

When reports in the early 1940s came to the Allies about the Final Solution, the Allies were initially very skeptical. Even when some of their skepticism abated in the course of 1942 they underrated the extent of the Holocaust.

Hitler was the maker of the Final Solution.

I came up with a solution for 758+1,500,635. The solution is 1,501,393.

The Final Solution went on for about three years.

The Final Solution was the plan to rid of Europe's Jews.

Children were treated good in the final solution

The "Final Solution" was to be the killing of all Jewish people.

Himmler wasn't the one who actually came up with the overall plan for the "Final Solution" That was Reinhard Heydrich, one of Himmler's subordinates. Heydrich was assassinated in Czechoslovakia by the underground shortly after the Wannsee Conference, January 12, 1942. Credit for the Final Solution was then taken by Himmler who presented the idea on September 6, 1943 at the Posen Conference. Bare in mind, this was not the beginning of persecution of the Jews; it was merely the implementation of Systematic Genocide.

The objective of the final solution was to eliminate Europe of all its Jews.

The Final Solution in the Holocaust was the decision to kill the Jews.

Because the final solution was to kill ALL Jews

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