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Thee are many people who can apply for a US Visa card in India. One who has a good amount of credit and no credit card issues can apply for a US Visa card in India.


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It is easier if you apply for a visa first and live in the US. Once you have been here for a while, then apply for the Green Card.

how can i get a US green card, I am a Canadian citizen and are living and working in the US with a TN visa.

They can't do anything if you are out of the country where you ot the credit cardI got a Canadian credit card and used the money, left the country, came to India and didnt pay anything.....this has happend before 2 years and i applied for US visa and got it.

To obtain a student visa you first must apply and be accepted to an american institution of higher learning. Then with that acceptance letter you apply for a visa card through the US government.

Ofcourse I can but I need to apply for visa to get entry to Australia

Yes, you can apply for a US Green Card if you are an international student. Lawyers are able to help you to do that. You can also apply for a student Visa depending on your financial status.

A US passport can be applied for and got only by a US citizen. Green card holder should apply for US citizenship first and then apply for US passport.As a visa or green card holder in US should have their home country passport. A green card holder can fly with green card itself provided abroad visit is for less than 180 days each trip. For more days they would require a reentry permit which they should apply for and get it approved before leaving US.Within US they can use green card or visa document itself.

To get a Visa to enter the United States from India one needs to apply through your country. The application and approval process can take several months.

Yes if you have a Permanent Resident card; however, if you do not have a Permanent Resident card you would need to apply for a visa in advance.

It should be on the Visa Card, but if the card is not your's you have no business with it.

You have the option to apply for a US visa like the tourist visa with which you can enter US. The visa is issued and depending on purpose of trip the period of stay in US can be decided. Using the Form I-539 you can extend the period with a valid reason.

No, A US Green Card holder can't marry a Filipino and bring them back to the US. The spouse will need to apply for a Visa to be admitted into the US.

i have to go the embassy of Canada in my conntry Uganda or any travel agent who can apply on your behalf

A Green Card is a pemanent US resident's visa. You don't need more than one visa.

The prefix of a visa card determines what bank issued the card. A visa card with the prefix of 4833 is drawn off of US Bank.

You have the tourist B-2 visa which you can apply for.

The US Diversity Immigrant Visa program is also know as the Green Card Lottery because only a number of those that apply will receive a Green Card. Each year 55,000 people receive Green Cards.

Yes.In case you are already in US use immigration Form I-539 to change the status to another visa if you are eligible for it. If you are outside US you can follow the procedure specific to the visa type you want to apply for.

A person with an expired visa must apply for a new visa prior to applying for US citizenship. You can't apply when you have an expired visa.

If you're living in the US and you are a US citizen, you can apply for a CR-1/IR-1 spouse visa. That will allow your spouse to live in the US permanently (at least as long as they're married to you). After three years, assuming you stay married, they can apply for naturalization and become a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen but are living in the US on a permanent resident visa ("Green card"), you can still apply for a spouse visa, but it will be an F class instead. It will take longer to get approval for it because those are lower priority than those for US citizens. If you are not a US citizen and you are also not on a permanent resident visa (you don't have a "green card"), then nothing happens. You'd have to find a way to stay legally or run the risk of deportation if/when your temporary visa ends.

The only requirement for the US Bank Visa Buxx card is that you pay in advance and agree to the Terms of Service. The Visa Buxx card is a pre-paid card so there aren't many requirements.

You have to apply for a US visa prior to departure for any purpose of travel.

you dont need a VISA to vist Mexico if you hold a valid US green card

Does not matter if you are a US Green Card holder or not, when you have an Australian visitor visa, you can go there.

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