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According the United States Constitution, the US Senate can refuse the president's appointments. It can also reject treaties that have been agreed to by the president.

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Q: Who can reject President's appointments and refuse to ratify treaties?
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Can refuse to ratify treaties?


Who Can override presidential veto Can impeach and remove president Can reject president's appointments and refuse to ratify treaties Can conduct investigations into president's actions?

Legislative over the execitive

How does the senate check the presidents power to keep them from becoming too powerful?

Congress can override a presidential veto by a vote of 2/3 of the members of both houses.The House can formally impeach the president and the Senate holds the trial.Congress can reject presidential appointments and refuse treaties.

What are 3 methods Congress uses to oversee the executive branch?

There are many ways Congress sought to limit the power of the executive branch. These are as follows: 1) Congress can override the veto of the president; 2) Congress can refuse to confirm presidential appointments; 3) Congress can impeach the president; 4) Congress can refuse to ratify presidential treaties.

Who can refuse justices' appointments?

The US Senate can refuse to confirm appointments to the Judicial Branch.

Can refuse to accept judicial appointments?


Who can refuse to accept judicial appointments?


Can refuse foreign treaties?

The executive branch is responsible for decisions on foreign treaties.

Use the word ratify in a sentence?

many people refuse to RATIFY the Constitution because they thought that it did not protect their rights

Which branch can refuse to confirm judicial appointments?

The Legislative Branch

Why did Massachusetts initially refuse to ratify the Constitution?

it lacked the bill of rights

Did Nevada refuse to ratify the equal rights amendment?

Yes, Nevada was one of the states that refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.