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Who can wear WW II medal?

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Medals can normally only be worn by the person to whom they were awarded, and then on the left breast. On Remembrance Day, and only on that day, a relative may wear the medals of a dead relative on the right breast only. The wearing of the medals on November 11 on the right breast tells all who look at the person wearing them that they are not that person's but those of a deceased relative. If the wearing relative has medals of there own issue then they wear their own medals on their left breast and their relatives medals on their right breast, as normal.

Wearing the medals of a relative on any other day than Remembrance Day, or upon the left breast during that day, is a criminal offence.

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What was the highest badge earned in world war 1 and 2?

In the US the highest award for military valor is the Congressional Medal of Honor, presented by the President. This medal was awarded to combatants in both WW I and WW II

What medal did John F. Kennedy win?

He won a purple heart for his service in WW II.

How many soldiers received the Medal of Honor during World War 2?

A total of 324 members of the US Army were awarded the Medal of Honor in WW-II.

Was the WW II was the war that ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris?

No, it was not WW II.

How many survivors of ww II today?

how many survivors of ww II are now living?

Why did WW II happen?

WW II was largely the result of lingering resentment by Germany about the outcome of WW I. You could describe it in sports terminology as a rematch.

What was the treaty of world war you?

There is no world war you. Your choices are WW I and WW II. The treaty which ended WW I was the Treaty of Versailles. WW II did not have a treaty as such, atlhough the Yalta Conference did produce an agreement.

What was after the Great Depression?

Ww ii

What was the difference between the first and World War 2?

The most important different between WW I and WW II is there is a lot modern weapons and atomic bombs are used in WW II.

When did the US get involved WW II?

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the US got involved in WW II.

List of World War 2 USAF medal recipients?

The US Air Force didn't exist in WW II, it was created in 1947, before that it was a part of the US Army.

What caused ww II?

6 years

Did Honduras send troops in ww II?


Israel after WW II?

Was created by the UN.

What was the American foreign policy at the beginning of WW II?

At the beginning of WW II America had a policy of neutrality. This changed only with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What wars was Romania involved in?

20th century: 2nd Balkanic war, WW I, WW II

What city did Germany officially surrender in?

WW I - Versailles, France WW II - Reims, France

Was Germany World War 1 or World War 2?

Germany was in WW I and WW II.

Did anything positive come from World War 2?

One of the most positive outcomes of the WW II were the elimination of radical regimes from Europe. Post WW II most of the nations in Europe progressed, sans the eastern European countries which fell under Soviet Influence and could not benefit from the economic revival. Demise of imperialism was also another positive outcome of WW II. However, the immediate onset of cold war after WW II hurt the gains of WW II.

How long was ww II?

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945.

What part did Israel take in World War 2?

The country of Israel did not exist in WW II. Israel was established in 1948. WW II ended in 1945.

What is the web address of the Portage Ww Ii History Museum in Portage Wisconsin?

The web address of the Portage Ww Ii History Museum is:

Find the reasons that the US finally entered the war?

WW I - Lusitania. WW II - Pearl Harbour.

The idea of the EU began in what war?


When did ww II end?

May 5 1955