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If the car is in your name and your former partner will not return the vehicle call the police and report the vehicle stolen. I would not cancel the insurance because this can only cause you more problems if the person damages the car or hits someone else. If it is in your name you may be responsible for damages.

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The only state in which attorneys are required to carry errors & omissions insurance (more commonly referred to as professional liability or legal malpractice insurance) is Oregon. Several other states have begun to mandate that attorneys must inform clients about whether or not they carry insurance. A few other states require insurance, but only when an attorney or firm is practicing within some sort of limited liability structure, such as a professional corporation, LLP, or LLC.

You have to have a vehicle to carry auto insurance.

When do you have to carry workman's comp insurance?

It is not necessary for a business to carry business insurance.

yes it has to carry insurance because they are dealing with so many of other people's cars there for they have to carry auto insurance.

Do you have to carry sr 22 insurance for a motorcycle in Florida

Yes, a photographer is required to carry professional liability insurance. A photographer will be denied shooting if they cannot prove that they have insurance.

No. You do not have to carry insurance in Florida if you dont own a vehicle.

ALL CMVs are required to maintain $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

You should carry insurance on your children until they are old enough to get insurance on their own. This is usually when your child graduates college. As long as your child is a full-time student and one of your dependents, then you should be able to carry insurance on them.

You are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance on any vehicle that will be operated on public roads.

No you don't have to, but you would be a fool not to carry enough insurance to cover your mortgage! However, most mortgage lenders do require it, and if so, they will not make the loan if you refuse to carry the mortgage insurance. In that case, the choice is yours.

Individuals who plays sports carry insurance. In elementary, high school and college, it is a requirement. Professional players are insured. Professional sports teams, as business with great exposure, carry insurance. School systems carry insurance, as do colleges.

That's up to Kmart. They can carry as much or as little coverage as they choose. There is no law that requires them to carry liability insurance at all.

Yes, they carry boat insurance as well as jet, ski or any other water craft you wish to have insured.

Yes daycares are required to carry liability insurance,the amount is determined by the size of the day care center

freight broker insurance what does it cost

Here are several answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: * No, it is up to you to obtain your own auto insurance policy. * They carry insurance on vehicles that have not yet been purchased.

All countries - once you have legal permission, allow you to carry a handgun.

It may be necessary to carry motorcycle insurance if the state your vehicle is registered in requires it. In any case, it is probably worth the relatively small upfront cost to carry motorcycle insurance to avoid any expensive liability in the case of an accident.

Short term medical insurance is carried by a variety of companies. Many corporations carry this as part of their normal insurance packages. Additionally, major insurance carriers such as Progressive, Allstate, or Farmer's Insurance can carry additional coverage for short term medical insurance.

When you take a loan out on a car, the company that loans you the money requires you to carry insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle in an accident. If you do not provide them with information, or do not carry insurance, they will get insurance for you, and charge you the cost.

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