Who can you insure?

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Insuring someone Basically you can insure anyone with whom you have an insurable interest. meaning those on whom you have a financial or physical dependency a legal symbioses or interest in and with their permission and knowledge. If the loss of the individual would cause financial or certain other forms of physical or emotional distress then then you could probably inure them

One can insure a key employee, a provider, a Spouse, child, parent or whole family.

The future financial impact resulting from the loss of a family member will differ with surviving children from those of a surviving parent. So one should shop for insurance accordingly.

Ageing parents may need to have monthly income to bear day to day expenses and a child's needs may span the cost of child care or rearing and future education.

There are two ways you can get insured

Either you have to be a driver or that insurance plan should include passenger cover. car owner can insure passenger with maximum of 2,00,000 INR.

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Because the preceding answer is not intelligible, I'd like to clarify it.An "insurable interest" is at the root of any insurance transaction and is what differentiates insurance from wagering. An insurable interest means that an individual has a stake in the continuing life, health, or existence of the person or thing insured. The nature of the insurable interest depends upon the kind of insurance involved. For example, we all have a stake in our own lives so that we can insure our lives. We all have an interest in the existence (and good condition) of our property so we can insure it.

An insurable interest can be either monetary such that we would sustain a financial loss if the property disappeared or was damaged, or intangible. For example, "love and affection" can be a sufficient basis to find an insurable interest to support life insurance on a spouse, a child, a parent and perhaps a grandparent. An insurable interest may also exist on someone who provides care and support.

Complications in the analysis of insurable interest begin to arise the further we move away from a direct connection between the person or object insured and the person or entity that procures the insurance. The decisional (case) law of each state is significant in determining these issues, so only a very broad answer can be given

This is not intended as nor may it be construed as legal advice.

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Q: Who can you insure?
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