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Who celebrates independence day?

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americans celebrate Independence Day

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Country which celebrates independence day and republic day on same day is?

Republika Srpska celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day on the same day.

What country celebrates Independence Day other than India?

The United States of America also celebrates Independence Day.

Japanese Independence Day celebrates independence from whom?


Why does America celebrate Independence Day?

America celebrates independence day because it was the day they gained independence from Britain

What do you celebrate Independence Day for?

In the US, our Independence Day on July 4th celebrates our independence for British rule.

Independance day celebrates independance from who?

It celebrates the United States independence from Brittain.

Who celebrates Bastille Day as their Independence Day?

No one, Bastille Day is France's national day, not its independence day.

Who celebrates Mexico Independence Day?


Which country celebrates its independence on fourth July?

The United States of America celebrates their Independence Day every 4th of July.

Who are the people that America we celebrate for independence day?

Independence Day is a national holiday and everyone celebrates the day.

What day does us celebrate independence day?

The United States celebrates Independence Day on July 4th.

How many countries celebrate Independence Day?

Every country has their own independence day and celebrates it.

The date of independence day is July?

The United States celebrates Independence Day on July 4th.

What day does Haiti celebrate their independence?

Haiti celebrates its Independence on April 23rd

When does Russia celebrate its independence?

Russia celebrates its independence day on June 12th.

When does Russia celebrates its Independence Day?

12th june

Does Ontario celebrate Independence Day?

No, Ontario celebrates Canada Day.

When does Argentina celebrate independence day?

Argentina celebrates Independence Day on July 9th every year.

When does Uruguay celebrate it's Independence Day?

Uruguay celebrates its Independence Day on August 25th. (1825)

How does venezeula celebrate independence day?

Venezuela celebrates Independence day with: Fireworks, parades, parties, etc.

How does Moldova celebrate their Independence Day?

Moldova celebrates their Independence Day with parades, parties, fireworks, etc.

Who celebrates Independence Day US?

Only Americans celebrate Fourth of July because it is Independence Day.

What countries celeabrate 1 of April?

No country celebrates their independence day on April 1. The closest country to April 1 is Bangladesh, who celebrates their independence day on March 26.

What is the purpose of Independence Day?

Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It is a federal holiday that celebrates when the nation was declared to be independent.

What day does Italy celebrate it's independence?

Italy celebrates "independence" on June 2.