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Who created Pokemon?

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Pokemon is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri created by in 1996. Originally released as a pair of interlinkable GameBoy RPG, Pokémon has since become the second most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo's own Mario games

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Where was Pokemon created?

Pokemon was created in Japan.

What country was Pokemon created?

Pokemon was created in Japan.

What Pokemon was created first?

The very first Pokemon ever created by the Pokemon team was Rhydon.

What came first Bakugan or Pokemon?

Pokemon was created in 1995, while Bakugan was created in 2007. Pokemon was created before Bakugan.

Which person is said to have created Pokemon?

Satoshi Tajiri created Pokemon.

What was the second Pokemon ever created?

the second pokemon in the world ever created was giratina

Who is the Pokemon creator?

it is said that Arceus created pokemon.

What Pokemon is arcaus?

it is the alpha Pokemon and it created the world

What are some fake Pokemon games?

Pokemon Chaos Black, Pokemon Shiny Gold, Pokemon Purple Poisen (created by ME!!) Pokemon Aqua, Pokemon Diamond GBA,Pokemon Pearl GBA, Pokemon Quartz, Pokemon Frosty (WARNING: Mature Language), Pokemon Diamond 2 , Pokemon lava REd (created by me) and Pokemon Toxic

Where was Pokemon made?

Pokemon was created in a country called Japan.

Who created the 'Pokemon' manga?

Satoshi Tajiri

Who was the original Author of Pokemon?

Obama created Pokemon when he was 3.

Is Pokemon made in Australia?

The original Pokemon was created in Japan.

How many Pokemon created?

There are currently 719 known Pokemon.

What date was Pokemon created?

It was created in 1996 in Japan.

What is the name of the third Pokemon game?

The third Pokemon game created is Pokemon Blue. It was created as an enhancement of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. However in the U.S. and outside of Japan the third Pokemon game is Pokemon Yellow, because Pokemon Green was never released outside of Japan.

What was the first Kanto Pokemon created?

The previous answer was incorrect, Gengar wasn't the first created, and neither was the first Pokemon that was shown in the TV show. In the English dubbed versions, at least, Mewtwo was the first Pokemon ever shown. It was one of the first Pokemon shown in the games, though, alongside Nidorino... But as for the first Kanto Pokemon created, which in turn would be the first Pokemon ever created... According to Ken Sugimori, who created and designed the first 250 Pokemon, the first Pokemon that they ever created was actually Rhydon. Not Gengar, not Bulbasaur, not Pikachu... But Rhydon. I know, go figure? Right?

Who invented Pokemon?

Satoshi Tajiri created the wondrous thing we call Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) in the 1990's!Satoshi Tajiri created Pokemon in 1996.

What was the first Pokemon ever created?

It is mew not arceus. In your face whoever said arceus created other Pokemon with his 1000 arms. Whever said that is level 0 in Pokemon I am a Pokemon expert

What was the very first pokemon made?

rhydon is the first pokemon created.

When was Pokemon ivented?

Pokemon was first created in 1996 by Satoshi Taijiri.

Which Pokemon was the first to be made?

Rhydon was the first pokemon ever created

When was The Pokemon Company created?

The Pokémon Company was created in 1998.

What was the 1st pokemon?

If you mean the first Pokemon that was created, I believe it was Bulbasaur. It is the first Pokemon in the original PokeDex.

Why was Pokemon created?

To make money