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Roman Catholic AnswerHeretics: anyone who, having been baptized and professing Christianity, pertinaciously rejects or doubts any article of faith determined by the authority of the Catholic Church is a heretic. An unbaptized persons or one who repudiates Christianity is therefore not a heretic. (from A Catholic Dictionary, edited byDonald Attwater, 2nd Edition, revised 1957. In the sixteenth century, the most famous heretic was an Augustinian monk who forsook his vows without permission, left his cloister and married, his name was Martin Luther. As the Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ (see St. Paul), and God has personally guaranteed It through the guidance of His Holy Spirit, which He sent to guide It until the end of the world, Martin Luther, in effect, rejected the real Jesus Christ, and made up his own god and church, leading countless generations to try and work out their salvation outside of the Church that God established to save them.
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Q: Who criticized the practices of the Roman Catholic Church in the 1500s?
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What movenment led to the Reformation of the 1500s?

The Reformation of the 1500s was primarily led by individuals such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli, who sought to reform the practices and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. These Reformers criticized the church's corruption, questioned its teachings, and called for a return to the principles of early Christianity. Their efforts ultimately led to the establishment of Protestantism as a distinct branch of Christianity.

Who was a group of people christian churches that broke with the catholic in the 1500s over disagreements with church practices?

King Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church to create the Church of England because of the different views on divorce.

What is the religious protest reform movement that split the church in the 1500s?

The religious protest reform movement that split the church in the 1500s was the Protestant Reformation. It was sparked by figures like Martin Luther, who challenged the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, leading to a division between those who followed the newly emerging Protestant denominations and those who remained loyal to the Catholic Church.

What is the name of the religious movement in Europe during the 1500s that broke away from the Catholic Church?

The revolt is referred to as the Reformation, an attempt by Christian groups to reject some practices that had developed in the Roman Catholic faith.

Whats the name of the meeting of church leaders in the 1500s whose purpose was to clearly define catholic doctrines for the Catholic reformation?

The meeting of church leaders in the 1500s that aimed to clearly define Catholic doctrines for the Catholic Reformation is known as the Council of Trent.

What led to the persecutions Of witches across Europe during the 1500s?

the catholic church

What led to the persecution of witches across Europe during the 1500s?

the catholic church

What was the catholic church doing wrong in the 1500s?

Corrupted by PowerThe Roman catholic church was the most powerful church in the whole of Europe at that point lol

What is the only Christian religious organization in Europe before the 1500s?

The Roman Catholic Church was the only Christian Church pre 1500's.

Group of English religious dissenters of the 1500s - 1600s?

The Puritans were dissenters who sought to change practices in the Church of England.

What issues divided the nations of Europe during the 1500s?

Religious issues ,because they challenged the catholic Church and the Pope.

Was any denomination started because of church corruption?

There were probably a few but the biggest one was when Martin Luther and his followers separated from the Catholic Church in the 1500s