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Q: Who decided to make Washington a state?
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Is Washington D.C. in a state?

No. When Washington D.C. was first created, the founding fathers could not decided what state to put the capitol in. So they decided to make a whole new zone just for it.

How was the evergreen state decided in Wasgington?

Most of the things in Washington are evergreen like some trees.

Who decided to make Colorado a state?

Ulysses S. Grant.

What two other states considered the name Washington but decided against it?

Well. The states that became states after Washington probably did not. Washington became a state in 1889. Find a list of states by date of statehood. please do not delete my answer again. just ignore if it doesn't make you happy.

How do you make a sentence on rhododendron?

Rhododendron is the state flower for the State of Washington.

How did New Hamshire become a State?

in feburary 1941 the Indians found it and decided to make it a state for them to jack

How is the state flower decided?

In the United States, the state flower is decided by the state legislature.

What two states make up Washington D.C.?

Washington DC is not located in any state.

Is the state of Washington a separate property state?

Washington is a community property state.Washington is a community property state.Washington is a community property state.Washington is a community property state.

What state did George Washington make a difference in?

George Washington didn't only make a difference in every state of the United States, but he changed the world by starting the greatest nation ever.

Which word is a synonym for repeal in this sentence the state decided to revoke the law?

The State decided to revoke the law. Is the same as... The State decided to repeal the law.

What movie did John Wayne make in Washington State?

Wayne was no stranger to Washington State. McQ was filmed almost exclusively in the state. North to Alaska was filmed in part in the Evergreen State also.

How do senators become senators?

Up until 1911 the state jegislators decided who to send to Washington as senators. Now the people from each state elect two people as their senators.

What president decided the capital would be Washington D.C.?

No president decided the capital would be Washington D.C. The Constitution provides for a federally administrated territory for the federal government. So the delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided the capital would be Washington D.C.

Is Seattle Washington in the state of Washington?

Yes. Seattle Washington is located in the state of Washington.

What state is Washington state in?

Washington is a state in the United States.

Is Washington state a state or a territory?

Washington state used to be a territory (Washington territory) before it became a state. But then on Nov. 11 1889 Washington became an official state. So now Washington is a state and not a territory.

Where do you get a Washington state diploma?

Washington State.

How much does a registered nurse make in Washington state?

37.68 an hour

How much money does Washington state make on tourism?

being stripers.

What is the make up of the state legislature of Washington?

the answer is this thing sucks eggs

How is the representation in congress decided?

it is decided by the population of a state

What Washington state is Seattle in?

There is only one Washington state ... and yes, Seattle is in Washington state.

Which city is the state capital of Washington?

Olympia is the state capital of Washington

Did George Washington find Washington state?

no he did not find Washington state