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Who described Baptists as Methodists who cannot read?

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We cannot read your mind to see the passage you are supposed to be reading yourself. We also cannot see any terms.

They were directing anger from revolution to social reform.

because they read a fake bible because they read a fake bible because they read a fake bible because they read a fake bible because they read a fake bible

A pen can write but it cannot read. Your question didn't say " cannot be read "

The duration of The Wind Cannot Read is 1.92 hours.

2,000 parents cannot read or write

I know he did, but I cannot tell you what he read.

i cannot read any one of my mail in yahoo e-mail

people who cannot read or write starts begging.

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No, butterflies cannot read in any language.

Horses can be pretty clever; but no they cannot read.

No, some people cannot read.

Files that can only be read (data can be retirieved) are called read-only files. You cannot write any data into a read-only file (you cannot edit it).

Dogs cannot read - their vision is too weak to allow them to read.

Someone who cannot read or write is called illiterate. On time

A person that cannot read is considered to be illiterate.

When something cannot be read, it is illegible.

You cannot read another persons mind.

twainimproved answer:those who know how to read and just dont want to, are better off thanthose who cannot read aren't educated.

No, you cannot read and write, only read. ROM stands for "Read-only Memory".

Dose this question mean that you cannot read? If you could read; then why not read the Bible?

In the books, his handwriting is described as messy and difficult to read

A person who cannot read although capable of doing so is called illiterate. This does not include people who cannot read due to physical or mental impairment

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