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Who developed Windows OS?

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What is the difference between Solaris OS and Windows OS?

Solaris is Unix. Windows is a proprietary, graphic-oriented OS developed by Microsoft.

When was windows developed?

After Mac OS. Mac OS was based on the earlier Xerox Alto system.

How do you run Symbian OS programs on a Windows OS?

There is a program named GameMagic. It is developed by AmazingMobile Software, it's shareware and it costs $19.

What is an example of os?

Windows XP is an example of an OS. Windows Vista is an example of an OS. Windows 7 is an example of an OS. Mac OS X is an example of an OS.

What is the difference between symbian os and windows os?

symbian os is phone os whether the windows os is computer os.

What are three well-known OSs?

The three well-known operating systems are Windows, Apple OS, and Android. Windows is a Microsoft system. Apple's OS is made by Apple and Android was developed by Google.

What are the basic elements of Windows OS?

what are the basic elements windows os

Is windows x is multiuser os?

yes windows is a multiuser OS

Name the operating system developed in net language?

The .NET languages can only be used on the Windows OS family.

Which was the first Windows OS to come with Internet Explorer embedded in the OS?

Windows XP was the first Microsoft OS to embed Windows Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, a Windows firewall, and other Microsoft products into the OS.win95=windows 95

Why Microsoft is the best operating system?

coz it is a a developed OS than MS-DOS that you can do everything through the windows with your mouse

Which of the windows versions OS do not have Device Manager?

Which of the windows versions OS do not have Device Manager?

Which was the first windows OS to come with enternet explorer embeded in the OS?

Windows 95

Why the Windows7 is one of the newest OS?

This is the newest official version of windows. Windows 8 is being developed but it isn't official yet. You can download a preview of it to install to your computer if you want.

What was the oldest Windows OS?

windows 1.0

What is the latest OS for PC's?

The standard OS for a PC is Windows, and the latest version is Windows 7.

What was C programming language was originally developed for?

Writing operating systems like Unix/Linux and a large part of Windows 3.1 (not sure about later versions of Windows) although some of Windows 3.X was done in Pascal. Most of the Operating systems used these days are developed using C. Actually the kernel of the OS is written in C and kernel is the base of any OS

What operating systems has Microsoft developed?

Operating systems purchased by Microsoft from another company and continuedMS-DOS (Originally 86-DOS, from SCP and Tim Paterson)Xenix (purchased from AT&T, sold to SCO)Operating systems developed by Microsoft in cooperation with another companyOS/2 (developed with IBM)Operating systems developed solely or mostly by MicrosoftWindows 1.0Windows 2.0Windows 3.0Windows 3.1Windows NT 3.1Windows NT 3.5Windows NT 3.51Windows 95Windows CEWindows NT 4Windows 98Windows 2000Windows MEWindows XPWindows Server 2003Windows VistaWindows Server 2008Windows 7

How is os2 loosly connected to Windows NT?

OS/2 was developed by Microsoft and IBM before NT was developed. No doubt discoveries made by the Microsoft side while OS/2 was under development went into NT when Microsoft developed it. I've seen programs state compatibility between OS/2 and the Win 9x line of operating systems along with NT4.

What are PC based operating system?

Here are the list of operating system according to the maker:MicrosoftWindows NT 3.1Windows NT 3.5Windows NT 3.51Windows NT 4.0Windows 98Windows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows Server 2003Windows VistaWindows Server 2008Windows 7Windows Server 2008 R2Windows 8Windows Server 2012MacMac OS X 10.0 CheetahMac OS X 10.1 PumaMac OS X 10.2 JaguarMac OS X 10.3 PantherMac OS X 10.4 TigerMac OS X 10.5 LeopardMac OS X 10.6 Snow LeopardMac OS X 10.7 LionOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

What is the recent os?

The latest macOS is called "Sierra", a 64-bit OS.

Which mobile OS is faster, Blackberry OS or Windows mobile 6?

Windows Mobile 6 is fast, but the Blackberry OS is considerably faster.

Can Mac Notebooks run the Windows OS?

"Yes, you can run a Windows OS on a Mac notebook with the right software. There are programs such as Bootcamp that allow you to create a partition and install Windows OS."

Windows Vista and Mac OS are?

Windows Vista and Mac OS are types of computer operating systems.

Latest version of windows OS?

Windows 8