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Jefferson Davis

Who did Davis name to head the same departments for the confederacy?

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What was the name of the last home of Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy?


Who was verena Davis?

Verena Davis was the wife of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. Their daughter Winnie's first name was Verena as well.

What is Jefferson Davis middle name?

If you're referring to the leader of the confederacy during the American Civil War, his name is Jefferson Fine Davis.

What was the name of the Southern states after they seceded?

It was called the Confederacy. And The confederacy's President was Jefferson Davis.

What is the name of the Civil war pres?

Abraham Lincoln was President of the Union; Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederacy

What was the name of the country that Jefferson Davis was president?

It was called the Confederate States of America (CSA) or just the Confederacy.

What was the name of the city in the south which became the capital of the confederacy and where Jefferson Davis served as president?

Richmond, Virginia

Who was the former us senator and secretary of war chosen as provisional president of the confederacy in 1861?

His name is Jefferson Davis.

What is the name given to the presidents advisors who also serve as head of the executive departments?


What was the name for the south in the civil war?

The Confederacy. the president was Jefferson Davis. Robert E. Lee was the comanding officer for north Virginia troops

What is the name of the group of governmental officials who head various departments in the Executive branch and advise the president called?

The Cabinet

What was the official name of the confederacy?

The official name of the "Confederacy" was the "Confederate States of America".

What is the full name of the confederacy?

The Slave Holding States of the Confederacy.

Did the north or the south get the name confederacy?

The south was known as the confederacy.

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Who wanted to allow slavery?

Confederate states of America(Confederacy) or the northern states wanted to allow slavery for their agriculture. You asked Who???So I will name the leaders of Confederacy -Jefferson Davis P.G.T. Beauregard Joseph E. Johnston Robert E. Lee Stephen Mallory

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What is a name for the south?


What was the name of the south?


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