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Who did Hitler feel was superior?

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The Aryan race

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What did Hitler feel was superior?

Hitler believed that the Aryan race was superior to all other races.

What group did Hitler feel was superior or inferior?

He thought the inferior group were the Jews and the superior group was the Aryan race.

How did Hitler win over the Germany people?

He made them feel superior to others.

What group did Hitler feel was superior?

he liked the Aryan's,, blonde hair blue eyes

What race did Hitler believe to be superior?

Hitler thought that the German was the superior race.

What did Adolf Hitler feel that the German people were members of?

He felt that they were all membes of a superior race, the Aryan race.

What party did Hitler feel was superior?

white German males who had blonde hair and blue eyes (this is who he believed to be the perfect German)

What group Hitler feel was superior?

A group the nazies called "ubermensch". it refers to people which have blond hair and blue eyes.

Why did hitler favor the aryan race?

Hitler believed Aryans to be superior humans.

What raise did Hitler think was good?

Hitler believed that the Aryan race was the superior race.

What group according to Hitler was superior?

The Aryn race

What term did Hitler use for the superior race?

The "herrenvolk".

What is the term Hitler game for superior people?


What word did Hitler use to mean superior?


Did the British feel superior to native Americans?

Yes, they did feel superior to the Native Amricas, I don't know why?

What was the name of the race that Hitler believed was so superior?


Why did Hitler hate homosexuals gypsies and jews?

Hitler saw them as sub-human, and contrary to his model of a superior race.

What were the rights and responsibilities of the superior race controlled by Nazi's?

There is not a superior race. We are all the human race. Hitler was a murderous lunatic.

Adolf Hitler flattered the German people by calling them the?

Superior race

Did hitler like Aryans?

Yes, he did because he considered them to be the superior race.

What did Hitler believe about race?

That there basically was 2 races. The one superior and the other inferior. He, himself was of the superior race, the aryan race.

Why did Hitler invade Czechoslovkia?

Because it was a threath to his "Superior Race" and because it was in his way.

Which group did Hitler and the Nazi's consider superior to other people?

The Aryan race.

What was the reason Hitler hated Jewish people?

The reason Hitler hated jewish people is because they were a superior race at the time, and that intimidated Hitler, so he held them captive and killed them.

Did Hitler want everyone to have blond hair and blue eyes like him?

Hitler did not have blonde hair. It's disputed whether he had brown eyes or blue eyes although it is well documented he had blue eyes. Additionally, he only felt that those attributes were the characteristics of a superior race. He knew not everyone could have those attributes. But he did feel that the Aryan race should be superior than all others.

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