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The Aryan race were considered by Hitler to be pure.

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Hitler targeted those other people because he didn't think they were pure.

Hitler was an Austrian, and austrians are ethnical Germans, so yes he was pure German

Hitler was xenophobic and did not wish for what he believed to be the "pure" Germanic races to mix with what he perceived to be "lower races".

Hitler had a pure hate of Jewish people because he thought their blood was un-pure.

Yes, Hitler hated anyone who wasn't an Aryan or a Pure German.

"Hitler didn't try to kill "Aryans" and anyone who is an "Pure German."

Hindenburg think about Hitler because hitler was growing with very fast rate in the germany

Aryans. The master race.

Hitler was not Jewish, it is beleived he had Jewish blood in his family tree but Hitler struck that from public record..

No, they do not think that Hitler is a hero.

He considered the people of England to be racially pure.

the Hitler youth started in the period of the great depression. Hitler wanted to indroctunate as many young children as possible so that when they grow up they will become good Nazis. and help make Germany pure and so they can have their thousand year empire. that's what i think but do count on it

I think that non-Jews were divided in what they thought of Hitler

Hitler wanted to dominate so "much" as you say because he wanted to rid the world of the un pure races, and wanted the world to be run by the pure Aryan race.

The Japanese shared similar feelings to Hitler. Invade now, Think later. The Japanese wanted to invade the world with Hitler, so it would be common sense to think that they had a feeling of pure hatred toward the rest of Asia, and indeed the world.

Adolf Hitler wanted to create a pure race. so everybody who had blonde hair and blue eyes didn't go to a concentratipon camp. It's quite comfusing because Adolf Hitler had black hair.

I think its a pure substance

Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

The master race- Aryan, as Hitler described was blonde, blue eyed, and strongly built. This was the "pure breed" or "master race" as Hitler described.

i think Hitler was not that much very important? If you think Hitler is important then tell me if he was ever recognized i will make a Question?

I think Hitler was dose he sleep at night [ well how DID he sleep at night]

Because it was the 'pure german' gene and the blonde hair blue eyed gene was being taken over by brunette because it is more dominant

The term Hitler used to describe allegedly "pure, non-Jewish" Germans was ---------.

hitler had no children but i think he had sister that lived to 1960

Hitler wanted Europe to be a whole German Empire with him as the leader. He wanted more of what he called Labensram (living space) for germany hence why he invaded Poland, checzsolvakia ect. Hitler wanted a pure aryan race prefable blond haired and blue eyed but the main aspect was to have pure german blood or pure blood from the nation your from. He wanted to get rid of jews, gypsyes, homosexuals, political opositin, criminals, negros and Jehovnahs witnesses. Hitler wanted and pure german empire run be him and everybody to look up to him.