Who did Mussolini trust?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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it was Hitler, Francisco Franco,Otto Skorzeny,Ida Dalser. wife is Donna Rachele Mussolini

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Adolf Hitler

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Q: Who did Mussolini trust?
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Did Benito have any children?

Yes Mussolini had children. Some of them were Edda Mussolini, Romano Mussolini, Bruno Mussolini and Vittorio Mussolini.

Is Mussolini single?

No, Mussolini is not single.

Is Mussolini a british citizen?

No. Mussolini was an Italian.

Was mussolini gay?

Type your answer here... no mussolini was not

Who was the first fascists leader in Europe and took control of Italy?

Answer this question…Benito Mussolini

Which dictator ruled Italy?

Benito Mussolini,hirohito,Hitler,and Joseph Stalin

What reason did Mussolini have to not celebrate the Hitler take over of Germany?

Benito Mussolini did not trust Hitler and at the time was a member of the League of Nations and closer to France and Britain. He also did not want an upcoming powerful Germany on his doorstep.

Who was the Italian dictator?

The last one they had was Benito Mussolini.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mussolini - 1926?

The cast of Mussolini - 1926 includes: Benito Mussolini as himself

When did Mussolini get married?

Mussolini married to Ida Dalser in 1914 Mussolini married to Rachele Guidi in 1915

Who lead Italy during WW2?

the president of Italy was a dictator named Benito Mussolini

How many children does Mussolini have?

Mussolini has 4 children