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Who did The Bill of Rights give more rights to?

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What was meant to give common people more rights?

Bill of Rights

Was the bill of rights ment to give common people more rights?


How did the English Bill of Rights influence the US Bill of rights?

The English Bill of Rights had the basic rights and freedoms but when creating the American Bill of Rights only the rights that were needed and were necessary were written. It made the English Bill of Rights a rough draft, the American Bill of Rights was more thought over and talked about.

Why did delegates want a Bill of Rights?

They wanted more rights for the people. The Bill of Rights was designed and called for its purpose.

What are five rights garuanteed to all citizens in Bill of Rights?

The original bill of rights contains 10 entries, each of these list more than 1 right, you would need to be more specific about the plethora of rights encompassed by the Bill of Rights.

Does cuba have a Bill of Rights?

Yes it does have a bill of rights. Go on wiki for more info

How many rights did the Bill of Rights grant the people?

There are ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. There are many more than ten rights granted or assumed in the Bill of Rights. I believe the correct answer is zero because the Biil of Rights did not grant rights. The Bill of Rights protected inherent rights from interference by the government. There is room for discussion that "due process" may be viewed as a granted right.

What if you never had a Bill of Rights?

Without a bill of rights, government might become more tyrannical.

How did the English bill of rights have an impact on history?

Now we have more freedom and more rights because of it.

How did the English Bill of Rights limit the power of the monarchy and protect the rights of private citizens?

Give more rights to the people of England.Made the Monarch ProdastantsGave freedom of speech to everyoneNo more religion changeStopped Monarchs raising taxes to muchThe Bill of Rights is a series of limitations on the power of the U.S. government, protecting the natural rights of liberty and property.

How many rights does the Bill of Rights have?

The Bill of Rights constitutes the first ten amendments and 17 more amendments were added later bringing the total to 27 amendments

What two rights are included in the Bill of Rights?

The right to Bear Arms and the right of speech. (there are more)

What do the 10 amendments mean?

Anti-federalists wanted the Bill of Rights. They felt it gave too much national government power than the states. People who wanted to ratify the constitution are known as the Federalists. Obviously, the Anti-federalists won and were promised the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights are just amendments to improve the constitution and give us more rights as citizens.

One of the first amendments added after the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights was put into the constitution as a block of 10 rights. There are no more no less. The answer to your question is none, zip, zilch have been added.

Why did people argue for the Bill of Rights?

SOme poelpe thought the Bill of Rights would cuase people to think those were their only rights and wanted ti to be more open and general.

Is the Declaration of Human Rights an international law?

I don't think so. It acts more as a guideline for how human rights legislation should be. For instance in the United States the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution are the Bill of Rights. They set out what rights an American citizen is entitled to. And here in the United Kingdom we have the Human Rights Act (1998). Check out the Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act for more information.

Which Is More Important getting a new government or Proposing a bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights are the foundation of the new government, so they are equally important.

What is it called when you make a change in the constitution?

an amendment. for example today we have the bill of rights that added more rights for the citizens of united states than for mostly government. The bill of rights is made out of 10 amendments

What are the freedoms on the human rights?

Humans rights are covered by the first ten amendments in the U.S. Constitution. These amendments are called the Bill of Rights. They give us the right of free speech, free press, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, and more.

Which two amendments guarantees a citizens' rights and beliefs?

It is more than 2 it is 10 in the bill of rights.

Does legal separation provide more or less rights before birth of a child?

When you are the child's parent you always have rights. If you are still married you may have more rights. Being separated doesn't give you absolutely no rights.

How long was the deliberation of the Bill of Rights?

my belief was that some of the preposed amendments to the bill of rights were not solid or sound and had to be reworded to make more sense and understandable to not only congress but to the people themselves. that is why it took so long to approve the bill of rights

What article of the bill of rights guarantees the right to vote?

It isn't in the Bill of Rights, its the 19th amendment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It also depends on which country's "bill of rights" you are referring to (you have not been specific in your question and the person who answered above has assumed you were asking about the US constitution - there are more "bills of rights/constitutions" than that of the US).

What is the difference between the bill of rights and the amendments?

The Bill of Rights are the first 15 rights amended to the united states of America. The rights following those 15 rights are known as amendments due to they can be more easily mended into new law or mended into non-existence while the bill of right's must be appealed and unanimously voted on for any change made to them.

What is the US Bill of Rights a part of?

The Bill Of Rights is part of the Constitution of the United States Of AmericaMore specifically, it is the first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution. The 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights were written together to protect the rights that the founding fathers wanted all US citizens to have.