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The Sumerians performed a trade with foreign countries and other people out of the Persian Gulf.

Extensive use of the wheel, which they attached to carts and horse drawn wagons.

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Q: Who did the Sumerians trade with?
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Who invented trade?


Who did the indus people trade with?


How did trade affect sumerians?


What did the Sumerians have that helped with trade?

They had metal.

Did Sumerian chariots get used for trade?

what did the sumerians first used for trade

Who did Sumerians trade with?

people of the indus valley

What items did the sumerians trade to other countries?

The Sumerians traded such products as wheat, barley, and copper tools.

Why did ancient Sumerians and Babylonians have to trade?

These two civilizations existed about 1000 years apart FYI

Why did the Sumerians invent jewelry?

I would say for perpouses of trade.

How did the sumerians trade what and who with?

people candy sweets shoes trash

Why did the Sumerians begin to trade?

to earn money to build a ship

Why did Sumerians developed a large trading network because?

The Sumerians developed a large trade network in part because some of the resources their civilization required were not found in Mesopotamia. Wood is especially scarce in this region so lumber became one of the key trade items for the Sumerians. But most items the Sumerians traded for were those not available in Mesopotamia.

What was the main reason the sumerians developed a writing system?

To keep track of trade

What three things did sumerians have in surplus to trade?

they had a surplus in grainGrain and oil

How could the sumerians use their animals for trade?

for their fur and maybe their smart or loyal

What are two advances that helped the Sumerians civilization expand?

farming the land and trade

How did the sumerians use the nile river?

-Irrigation/agriculture -Clay Tablets -Transportation/trade

How did the Sumerians' achievements spread to other lands?

Achievements spread Through Trade

Are there any pictures of Sumerians at work?

We will never know if there is any pictures of sumerians at work. But, there maybe is a picture that was drawn by someone. You can probably google search it and see if maybe they have a picture of them working. Sumerians did trade, and sell crops though.

Was there trade between sumerians and harappans?

Yes, a Harappan stamp seal was found in a Sumerian city, and the Sumerians wrote in their records about ships and goods from 'Meluhha' (their name for Harappa).

What features of mesopotamia geography forced the sumerians to trade?

they needed wood and eventually they had to trade their surplus for it and other things they didn't have but needed badly.

Why do sumerians and egyptians need a organized system of writing?

so they can trade,comunicate with other places

What form of writing did sumerian scribes invent to conduct trade?

what form of writing did the Sumerians invent

Sumerians originally used their writing system for what purpose?

to keep records of trade and tax collection

When was a sailboat invented?

it was invented by the sumerians in 3,500 B.C it was made for easy water transportation, fishing, and trade.