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Alcohol was around for centuries as a component of wine and beer*, but it was not identified as a separate compound. The first person who discovered pure alcohol (ethanol) by distilling wine was a well known Iranian/ Persian alchemist by the name of Mohammad ibn Zakaria Razi (864-930 AD). He was born in the city of Ray, south of Tehran/ Iran. He is considered one of the greatest alchemists of all time and his work remained in use for over 10 centuries. He not only discovered alcohol, and the use of alcohol in medicine, but also discovered sulfuric acid. Razi wrote 184 books and articles in several fields of science. *As early as ancient Mesopotamia, the Sumerians made an alcoholic substance fermented from wheat and other materials.
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What is alcohol?

Alcohol is the common name for a family of organic (carbonbased) compounds with a structure of an alkane (Carbon-Hydrogen)base with an OH (Oxygen-Hydrogen) addition. . The simplest and most commonly known are: Methyl Alcohol orMethanol (C2H3OH) - wood alcohol which is marketed as MethylatedSpirits, ( Full Answer )

What is alcoholism?

.Alcoholism is a disease that is caused by a person drinking toomuch alcohol and it disrupts his life. It can cause poverty,destroy families, and the physical health of a person.

How do you get discovered?

well try posting ur self singing on youtube find record managers send them a CD of u singing or buy this book : how to be a star

Who is an alcoholic?

someone who can't stop drinking alchhol and needs it 24/7. An alchoholic is basicly a person who drinks alot of alchohal and some people can't stop, to them it's addicting.. mr westbay

How can you get discovered?

Ok kid. First, you need an agent. Yes, you kind of have to have one. They know all of the inside people and can tell you when and how to get auditions. Then, depending on where you live, you either send in a tape or travel to that city where the auditions are happening. If you are sending in a tape, ( Full Answer )

What is in alcohol?

Ethanol C 2 H 5 OH ***** If you mean 'alcoholic drinks'. there's also water, colourings, flavourings (including sugar), preservatives, hallucinogenic herbs (wormwood in absinthe) and up to at least 4,000 possible impurities, including arsenic, polonium 210, benzene.........!Alcohol is a clear d ( Full Answer )

When was alcohol discovered?

Alcohol dates back to 5400-5000 B.C. from the residue of wine on ancient pottery artifacts. These archaeological findings were discovered in the northern Zagros Mountains located in modern day Iran. Alcoholic beverages have been used since prehistoric times -- at least 12,000 years. Alcohol itself ( Full Answer )

Where was alcohol first discovered?

Alcohol is easily as old as human civilization and thus was first discovered in Iran. Discoverer Name : "Zakaria Razi".

How was alcohol discovered?

well no one really knows as early man invented beer after, what I'm guessing, agricultural settlements started with basic crops such as wheat. beers made from wheat of which beer was probably accidentally discovered starting the first alcoholic drink and i guess people started wondering what made pe ( Full Answer )

What does alcohol do?

It makes people intoxicated Alcohol affects every organ in the body. Alcohol speeds through the body and is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and into the bloodstream. . Alcohol is metabolized in the liver. However, the liver can only metabolize a small amount of alcohol at ( Full Answer )

Does sugar alcohol have alcohol?

Yes sugar alcohol has alcohol. Sugar alcohol ( also known as a poyol, polyhydric alcohol) is a hydrogenated form of carbohydrate, whose carbonyl group .

When was alcoholism first discovered?

alcoholism was first discovered in 1843 by a German doctor named Gutstaev Yorketn who was studying the properties of wine grapes and drinking 5-10 drinks everyday. -- Alcoholism wasn't discovered, it was invented. That is to say, there have always been drunks and habitual drinkers, but this "c ( Full Answer )

Where is alcohol from?

Alcohol comes from yeast eating sugar? Basically alcohol is yeast excrement. Since yeast over doses on alcohol at about 16 percent it is necessary to distill it if you want higher concentrations. (Whiskey, rum, anything above 16 percent alcohol.)

Who discovered the alcohol lamp?

Si wilfred zipagan .when he saw an alcohol drink and alcohol solution he tought that it can be flammable then he invented a time machine to travel to the past.

What does alcohol do to you?

It damages your liver. Alcohol can stop the transmission of the neurones across the synapse. Can slow down your reactions.

What can alcohol do?

If you drink to much it may kill you somehow because you might get to drunk and do some thing very stupid, Alcohol is also toxic in relatively small doses and carcinogenic.

How do you no if your and alcoholic?

The easiest way to tell is to stop drinking. If you cannot do so, or are uncomfortable, or experience mood swings when you do, there could be a problem. Another way is to simply consider how you drink. Can you walk into a bar, or a party, or sit down with your mind made up to have a couple of bee ( Full Answer )

Who discovered alcoholism?

We do not know. Alcoholism has been with humans since beer was invented several thousand years ago.

What does alcohol does to you?

Alcohol intoxication (also known as drunkenness or inebriation ) is a physiological state that occurs when a person has a high level of ethanol (alcohol) in their blood. Common symptoms of alcohol intoxication include slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination (ataxi ( Full Answer )

What does alcohol have in?

Alcohol in terms of spirits and liquer is Ethanol, also called e thyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. It is a powerful psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs. It is best known as the type of alcohol found in ( Full Answer )

How was the fermentation of alcohol first discovered?

Probably pretty much by accident. Primative man stored fruits and grains in containers made of animal skins and pots. Wild yeast infected the beverages and converted the sugars to alcohol. Over time they learned how to control the process and the most effective ways of allowing the process to run, b ( Full Answer )

Who first discover alcohol?

a well known Iranian/ Persian alchemist by the name of Mohammad ibn Zakaria Razi (864-930 AD).

What alcohols are there?

Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol and Butanol is all i know of. well there are lots of varieties... i think you should go to your doctor to find out moree... good luck lovee youu xxx Theoretically, an infinite number. Alcohol is a generic term. One definition of alcohol is "Hydr ( Full Answer )

When was alcoholism discovered?

No one know for sure but it was apparently in the Middle East eight to ten thousand years ago.

Who discovered alcohol drink?

a well known Iranian/ Persian alchemist by the name of Mohammad ibn Zakaria Razi (864-930 AD).

Who discovered alcoholic fermentation?

Louis Pasteur was the first to understand the process of fermentation after having been commissioned by brewers to do so.

Where do you get alcohol?

Liquor stores. But you have to be a certain age to buy alcohol/drink alcohol. You need ID, a license, and money.

Who discovered polyvinyl alcohol?

Polyvinyl alcohol was first prepared by Hermann and Haehnel in 1924 by hydrolyzing polyvinyl acetate in ethanol with potassium hydroxide.

What alcohol can do to you?

alcohol in a severe case can kill you. but it can damage your liver and brain. if children have it sometimes it can damage part of their brain. hope this helps just general knowledge might want to check

What is out-and-out alcoholics?

It might be the name a particular AA group or other rehab group has picked for itself. Sometimes groups name themselves

Is alcohol in alcohol thermometers toxic?

the alcohol in thermometers are either non-potable alcohol or mercury and if you drank either then you would be sick. so yes it is sort of toxic.

Who discovered alcohol and in what year?

The discovery of alcohol was before the creaton of writing, so we have no record of just when, or who- but probably right after a caveman found that some of the wild grapes they had picked had fermented, and turned to wine.

How many alcoholics recover from alcoholism?

Most do recover. According to a U.S. government nation wide survey, 75% of adults diagnosed as alcoholic (alcohol dependent) achieve complete or partial remission and most do so without any help.

How methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol?

First we have to know the difference between methyl and ethyl and alcohol groups: A methyl group chemical formula is CH 3 - , of an ethyl group it is C 2 H 5 - , and alcohol group means the group contains -OH So methyl alcohol is methanol, CH 3 OH, and ethyl alcohol is ethanol, CH 3 CH 2 OH. ( Full Answer )

What can alcohol can do to you?

Alcohol can cause liver damage, as well as inhibit hormones that are important to your survival. The liver damaged is caused by there being too much alcohol for the liver to process and cleanse from the blood. Since alcohol causes conditions which are unfavorable to the body. The hormones it i ( Full Answer )

How can alcohol lead to alcohol poisoning?

Excessively high amounts of alcohol in the blood can slow the functioning of the body too much and hurt you. Vomiting usually prevents this problem but if uncertain, always obtain medical help promptly.

What can you do about alcoholism?

You can carefully examine the options for help that are available to you or a loved one. The choice can be a difficult one, but it's important to select one in which you (or your loved one) will be comfortable. There's no best choice for everyone and what works for some doesn't work for others. I ( Full Answer )

How is he discovered?

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How can you discover?

Discovery is a function of unveiling something previously unknown. Most people never think of what they don't know or understand, yet they still discover personal things. Most of the things they discover are personal revelations; things already known to others, but new to them. In order to discover ( Full Answer )

How is alcohol measured in alcoholic drinks?

Proof. Which is basically 2x the percent of volume that is alcohol. I believe it was called proof because in the past bar keeps would water down whisky and only patrons could ask for "proof" by attempting to burn the alcohol. if it didn't burn it had been watered down. and alcohol burns at roughly 8 ( Full Answer )

Who discover the alcoholic beverages?

No one can tell. Humanity has been making and drinking alcoholic beverages for solong that' it's no longer possible to pinpoint when we started,where we started and who was first. Odds are that several peoplediscovered alcohol independently from each other.

How was this answer discovered?

The answers was discovered by the many questions posted and askedby many users in our day to day lives.

When was denatured alcohol discovered?

Denatured alcohol wasn't "discovered", it was created. It's amixture of ethanol and something else to make it undrinkable (andtherefore avoid paying alcohol tax on it).

What is alcohol-?

Alcohol is an organic compound in where hydroxyl functional groupis bound to a saturated carbon atom.