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Who discovered light?

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James Clerk Maxwell discovered that light was an electromagnetic wave that could propagate through empty space. Michael Faraday had previously discovered that light rays were affected by magnetic fields, and thus showed that light was somehow related to electricity and magnetism.

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How was light discovered?

Light was discovered by ISSAC NEWTON

Who discovered speed of light?

Chrisitiaan Huygens discovered the speed of light.

What did Isaac Newton discovered about light?

he discovered that light has 7 colours

Who discovered the ultraviolet light?

UV Light was discovered by Johann Wilhelm Ritter, in 1801

Who discovered properties of light?

Sir W. Crookes discovered the Properties of Light in 1879.

How was a light year discovered?

A 'light year' is a term, a name for the distance that light travels in one year, and so was not "discovered".

Who discovered the light bulb?

The light bulb was not something that existed and had to be discovered. It was a new thing that was invented.

Who discovered light dependent reaction?

Light dependent reactions were discovered by Hill, thus are also known as Hill's Light Reactions.

Who discover light bulb?

The light bulb was not discovered ( something has to exist to be discovered) , but it was invented by Thomas Edison.

Who discovered infrared light?

Sir Frederick William Herschel discovered infrared light in an experiment to measure the temperature of different frequencies of light.

Who discovered that light has mass?

Light does not have mass. It is a form of energy.

Who discovered light of mass?


Who discovered light pollution?


Who discovered that white light is made of many colors?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered that white light is made of many colours.

Who was the inventor of the refraction of light?

Isaac Newton discovered the refraction of light.

What does have came to light means?

Have come to light means have been discovered.

Who discovered that the white light is made from many colours?

Sir Issac Newton first discovered that white light can be split into the colours of the spectrum by passing light through a prism.

Who discovered the word photosynthesis?

The word wasn't "discovered", it was coined from Greek: photo for light and synthesis to make. So, making something from light.

Who discovered light refraction?

Willebrord Snell

Who discovered tube light?

Thomas Edison

Who discovered the refraction of light?

willebrord snell

Who discovered or made light?

Benjamin Franklin

Who discovered the electric light?

i have no idea lol

Who discovered light and sound?

Be specific to your questions!

Who discovered light wave?

chritiaan huyagens