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Who discovered that insulin was a cure for diabetes?


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Insulin is not a cure.


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There is no cure for Diabetes There is only a controling treatment called insulin

There is no cure for diabetes, yet, however Dr Fredrick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin which helps to control diabetes by regulating blood sugar.

There is now a cure for diabetes type 1 after scientists have discovered to transformed ordinary skin cells into pancreatic cells producing insulin.

Canadian scientist Fredrick Banting discovered that insulin is a treatment for diabetes.

There is not a cure for diabetes. Diabetes can however be controled by medication, insulin, diet, and exercise. There are different types of diabetes and therefore the treatment as far as medication or insulin is determined according to what type of diabetes you have. Cheyzer

There is no cure; however, if you're talking insulin it was Banting and Best (last names, can't remember their first names; I think one was Frederick).

No but there is treatmant which includes injecting insulin.

There is no cure for Diabetes yet. However, diabetes can be treated. There are a couple different ways to treat diabetes, but the most common way is to count out your insulin-to-carb ratio, and inject yourself with the proper amount of lantus and humalog or novolog (insulin). Ask your local endocrinologist for how to specifically treat diabetes and how to count out your personal insulin-to-carb ratio.

Insulin is a cure for diabetes. Fredrick Grant Banting and with the help of Charles Best, they made it.

Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes in 1921.

Besides a Pancreatic transplant, there is no cure for Diabetes; Insulin merely allows a Diabetic to lead an almost perfectly normal and healthy life. Insulin is a natural chemical produced in your body by an organ called the Pancreas. The purpose of Insulin is to regulate your Blood Sugar Level. Those with diabetes must take Insulin daily as their Pancreas no longer produces any, or a sufficient amount, of Insulin.

There is no cure for diabetes. Diabetes can be managed through careful diet, exercise, weight management, monitoring blood sugar, and taking medication such as insulin exactly as directed.

A self regulating form of insulin that, if it were to make it to market, could effectively "cure" type 1 diabetes.

There is no cure for diabetes, but they do have ways of reducing the symptoms and prolonging life, by giving insulin injections which help the body digest sugar.

Diabetes is a disease. It's when your pancreas produces little or no insulin. It doesn't have a cure yet. Hope I helped (:

Insulin; but insulin doesn't cure the diabetus, insulin only maintain the life decreasing the glucose level in blood.

Till now..there is no medication can cure diabetes..The medications,available at this moment, are used to control our blood sugar, either by enhance the secretion of insulin, by increasing our tissue's sensitivity to insulin, or by inhibiting the absorbsion of sugar from our gut.So we better say..Diabetes can be controlled by ur physician.^^

There really is no cause for diabetes. Researchers are very close to a cure, but diabtees is when your pancreas stops producing insulin.

Diabetes is a disease caused by low insulin levels. Type 1 & 2 diabetes deal with insulin produced in the pancreas. Within the past decade, researchers have discovered insulin is also produced in the brain. Type 3 diabetes corresponds with low levels of insulin produced in the brain.

Insulin is the most common medication that is used to help treat all three types of diabetes mellitus. Insulin will not cure diabetes but will allow patients to manage this disease.

No. Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin-dependent or juvenile onset diabetes. The causes of type 2 diabetes can either be a lack of insulin sensitivity or insulin production problem. Some people with type 2 diabetes take insulin, but it is not known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by any defect onlow or no secretion of insulin orimproper use of insulinInsulin is secreted by the gland "Pancreas". So pancreas is responsible for diabetes, it the cause is low insulin secretion (type II diabetes) or no insulin secretion (type I diabetes).Body cells is not sensitive to insulin, then diabetes type II is caused called as insulin resistance.

There is not a cure for diabetes of any type. The best changes to make for the symptoms is to exercise daily, change your diet and supplement with insulin injections

No, Type I diabetes is known as insulin dependent.

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