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The Brisbane River was discovered by three ticket-of-leave convicts, Parsons, Pamphlett and Finnegan. John Oxley was later credited with the discovery. Richard Parsons, Thomas Pamphlett and John Finnegan were three ticket-of-leave convicts, and timber-getters. They were blown off course in a wild storm off the Illawarra coast of NSW, and, believing they were south of Port Jackson, headed north. They had a fourth companion, Thompson, who became delirious from lack of water and eventually died. His body was dropped overboard. The three remaining men became shipwrecked on the southern tip of Moreton Island (now southern Queensland). They made their way across the Moreton Bay islands to the mainland, then north where they came across the Brisbane River.

Aborigines helped the men with food and shelter. During the course of their ventures, on 14 June 1823, they came across a "large river": they were the first white men to sight this river. John Oxley, meanwhile, was surveying the area as the site for a possible penal settlement. He came across Pamphlett and Finnegan on Bribie Island, and Parsons later rejoined them, having travelled further north. The men showed Oxley the large river, which he later named the Brisbane River, after Governor Brisbane. Because of Oxley's position as surveyor-general, he became the one credited with the discovery.

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Q: Who discovered the Brisbane River?
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What river does Brisbane lie on?

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia lies on the Brisbane River. The river was discovered first, in 1824, and named the Brisbane River after Governor Brisbane, then Governor of New South Wales. When the city was built, it was named after the river.

Who discovered the Liverpool Plains and named the Brisbane River?

Explorer John Oxley was the one who discovered the Liverpool plains in New Souty Wales, and who named the Brisbane River.

What is Age of Brisbane River?

The river was 'discovered' during the 1800's but existed for an unknown period before then.

What river runs through Brisbane?

The river that runs through Brisbane is The Brisbane River.

What river is Brisbane built on?

The Brisbane River.

What river is closest to Brisbane city?

Brisbane City is on the Brisbane River.

Which river flows through Brisbane?

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is built on the Brisbane River.

What capital is on the Brisbane river?

Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland, is on the Brisbane River.

Near which river is the city of Brisbane built?

The Brisbane River.

Near which river is the city Brisbane built?

The Brisbane River.

What river ways did the Brisbane floods affect?

The Brisbane floods of 1974 affected the Brisbane River and the Bremer River basin.

Cities that rely on the Brisbane River?

Brisbane is really the only city that relies on the Brisbane River. The nearby neighbouring city of Ipswich is reliant on the Bremer River, a tributary of the Brisbane River.

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