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Questions about the Australian state of Queensland, on the east coast of the continent.

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How far is it from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg?

The distance between from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg (QLD) is 447.2 KM. The driving time taking is 5 hours 6 mins ...
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What is the distance and travel time from Melbourne to Brisbane?

From Melbourne to Brisbane by road is a distance of 1674km (1040 miles) and takes about 19 hours to travel. This is without rest breaks so, ideally, the trip should be taken over at least two days. This is the shortest route, taking you the inland way through Seymour, West Wyalong, Parkes and Narrabri. Going via the coastal route is a distance of 1784km and takes an estimated 18 hours. The flight travel distance is 1370km (851 miles), and travel time from Melbourne to...
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What does the premier of Queensland do?

The premier of Queensland runs the state.
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How long does it take to drive from Brisbane to Toowoomba?

Roughly one and a half hours depending on where you leave from/traffic etc. ...
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Name three mountains found in Queensland Australia?

Mt Bartle Frere Mt Lindsay Mt Coot-tha Mt Tibrogargan Mt Beerburrum
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What is shortest road distance Bendigo to Brisbane?

The quickest (but not the shortest) road distance between Bendigo and Brisbane is 1,617 km, going via Shepparton, West Wyalong and Dubbo. This journey takes around 20 hours. The shortest (but not the quickest) road distance between Bendigo and Brisbane is 1,538 km, using numerous back roads, on which the speed limit is slower. This route takes 31 hours. It goes through Kotupna, Picola, Bearii, Jerilderie, Bingara, Bonshaw, Kalbar and the western suburbs of Brisbane. ...
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Does Brisbane have daylight saving?

No. Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, Australia does not follow Daylight Saving. ...
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What is the abbreviation for Queensland?

The abbreviation for Queensland is Qld.
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Where can you buy a large Pavlova in Brisbane?

Around Christmas time, any Woolworths store should offer decent sized pavlovas that will suit either 12 or 15 people. Coles also offers large pavlovas. ...
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What is the area of Queensland in square miles?

According to the Australian GeoScience site: Queensland's mainland area is 1 723 936 sq km, or 665 254 square miles, with an additional 6712 sq km (2591 sq mi) in island area. The total is 1 730 648 sq km, or 667.956 sq mi. ...
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Achievement of sir allan burns constitution in Gold coast?

sir allan burns constructed the road from dunkwaw to awaso for the transportation of bauxite ...
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What is the distance from Mackay to Gympie?

It is 800km from Mackay to Gympie. Travel time is around 9 hours.
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What is the length and area of the Great Barrier Reef?

Figures vary, but according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Great Barrier Reef is approximately 2,300km long. It is located in the Coral Sea and lies parallel to the coast of Queensland. It is actually a series of reefs and atolls, with its northern end just south of Papua New Guinea, and its southern end near Lady Elliott Island, northeast of the city of Bundaberg. This is the equivalent of about 1,430 miles. Australia has almost one-fifth of the world's reef...
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What was found at the MT Isa Aquatic Center north-west Queensland Australia in Feb 2011?

A one-metre long freshwater crocodile was found poolside at the center.
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What is the capital of Queensland Australia?

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. It is located in the southeast of the state, where the Brisbane River meets Moreton Bay. The colony of the Moreton Bay District was founded in 1824, but abandoned less than a year later when the main settlement was moved 30km away, to the Brisbane River. On 4 May 1842, Moreton Bay was declared a free settlement. On 6 June 1859, the former Moreton Bay District was granted separation from New South Wales, and given the name...
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Can you walk from Brisbane Airport to DFO?

You can, although it is a reasonable distance of several kilometres.
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Were is the name rater emerald?

In Slateport. Beneath the Battle tent and above the Pokemon Fan Club.
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What is the flight time between Cairns and Melbourne?

Cairns (CNS) to Melbourne (MEL) Shortest Flight Duration 3 hours 15 mins shortest Flight Duration is 3 HRS 20 MIN. by QANTAS AIRWAYS ...
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How long to drive from Mackay to Gladstone?

It takes just over four and a half hours to drive from Mackay to Gladstone. The distance is 442 km. ...
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What is the difference between the Prime Minister and the Governor General?

The Governor General is the representative of the Crown and serves as Head of State when the Monarch is not in Canada. The position is largely formal and ceremonial. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government. The position is a political one. ...
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How much is 250 Australian dollars in Pounds?

Type in on google 250 Australian dollars in pounds and it will give you an answer. Today (13/10/09) it says its 143.95 pounds.. but keep checking because thee exchange rate changes all the time.. :D ...
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What is the distance between Wide Bay Burnett and Brisbane?

Wid Bay Burnett is a huge area of Queensland, covering the region from Gympie to Bundaberg. So: * from Bundaberg to Brisbane is a distance of 362 km and takes around 5 hours to travel * from Gympie to Brisbane is a distance of 167 km and takes around 2 and a half hours to travel ...
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How far is Labrador from Surfers Paradise?

Labrador, on the Gold Coast on Queensland, is just seven kilometres from Surfers Paradise. ...