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Who discovered the chemistry of combustion?

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William Harvey

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What country did the chemistry of combustion get discovered?


What are the release dates for The Chemistry of Combustion - 1922?

The Chemistry of Combustion - 1922 was released on: USA: 26 February 1922

How chemistry discovered?

Chemistry is not "discovered" it is a name for a science. Chemistry was probably "discovered" when cavemen poured to liquids together and it went poof.

How chemistry related to engineering?

chemistry is related to engineering beacause of combustion.

What does combustion mean in chemistry?

Combustion (burning) is a reaction of oxidation (reaction with oxygen).

What are the eight classifications of reactions in chemistry?


What are the type of combustion chemistry?

In chemistry a combustion reaction is a chemical reaction (also called a chemical change) that involves something combining with oxygen (O2).

Who first discovered the chemistry principle that like dissolves like?

The one that discovered Chemistry is Democritus.

When did they discover chemistry?

The first humanoids discovered chemistry.

Example of inorganic chemistry?

salts or combustion engines

Who discovered combustion?

Antoine Lavoisier

Where was chemistry discovered?

Chemistry is known fro prehistoric times.

What was Lavoisier's modern chemistry?

Lavoisier was a pioneer in chemistry because: he was against the stupid theory of phlogiston, he prepared a first list of chemical elements, he discovered the combustion by oxygen, he has an important contribution to the law of mass conservation, he studied chemical nomenclature, etc.

Is combustion of butane gas a chemical or physical change?


What is a combustion analyzer used for?

A combustion analyser is used for combustion analysis, which is used in biology and chemistry. It is used to analyse the components of an item in order to find the composition of materials.

What the man who discovered the chemistry?


Where chemistry is used in mechanical engineering?

Mainly in fuel and combustion studies.

Who discovered Internal combustion engine?

caterpillar marine

Who was the first person to discover chemistry?

Chemistry wasn't discovered. It's a study

What are the chemistry and physics of fire?

Burning (combustion) is a chemical reaction with oxygen, an oxidation.

Was Wallace Carothers doing pure chemistry or applied chemistry when he discovered nylon?


Was Wallace Carothers doing pure chemistry or applied chemistry when he discovered nylon why?


Who discovered modern chemistry?

joseph priestley

Chemistry in the field of medicines?

without chemistry we wouldn't have discovered many things like medicines

What is another name for burning?

Another name for burning is combustion. The term combustion is more commonly used in scientific fields like chemistry and physics.