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Honestly they'll avoid you , or they'll tell you they know. But if you like them and they know theres a chance that they might like you back : )

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then he would of told you by know saying that he heard you like me ovious

If you really like him and he know you do then have a friend or someone that you know ask him if he likes you thenif he does ask him out....

yess of course he can know! but you just have to decide weather on your bestfreind or the guy. but he can like you! (:

He knows you like him and is enjoying you giving him attention.

The question is, does he know if you like him? Chances are, he doesn't actually know, you just think he does.

you can get closer to a guy by inviting him over and getting to know him and who knows maybe by the time you get to know him you might not like him or be interested in another cutie.

We have to assume that he liked you in the first place, and then we have to assume he knows you, because we don't don't know who you or 'the guy' are.

ask her... its really the only way to know for sure!

It depends if this guy knows that you like him. If he doesnt know then he likes you and he just doesnt want u to know that he likes u just to be safe!

If he doesn't know you yet, how can you like him? You need to introduce yourself to him, or get someone who knows you both to do to introduce you to him.

You just simply go up to him and say that you know you know that you like him and ask him if he feels the same way about you.

give him a hint that you like him and see if he responds

Well if you wanna know if he knows that you like him, then ask him yourself . If you cant ask him then have one of your friends that you rally trust and have them go and ask him. But remember...... it has to be someone that you can really trust and that you know

go up and talk to him. If he doesnt know you exist show him you do. be his friend and be there for him.

If you like him then it should be ok if he knows - if you really don't want him to know then tell his friend that its not true and then nothing will happen.

i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

I wouldn't do anything. Its out just see what happens, he might come up to you. GOOD LUCK!

Just Say. (Hi I know that you Know I like you But i Want to Know if you like Me so here's a Yes or No Question Will you go Out with Me?) <-- Thats all you Have to say(: Good Luck!!

Either she likes the guy back but doesn't know what to do OR she doesn't like the guy but doesn't know how to tell him without hurting his feelings OR she's just shy

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