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That's When You know He has Likes You.

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He/She is curious about you or he/she likes you back!

in some point he might like you or he might be also interest in you because he knows that you like him. but if he smiles at you and always stares, yes, he likes you

It means he likes you back, or he knows you like him, so he tells his friend.

He probably likes you too or knows that you like him and is trying to get a reaction out of you.

If he stares at you a lot. Smiles at you when he knows you are looking at him. And if he looks at you like "WOW"!

It may mean that he knows you like him and he likes you back or maybe he doesnt no you like him, but he likes you anyway.

He may be interested in meeting and dating you. Starring is a common sign of attraction. If you do not like it, ask him to stop polietly.

Doesnt want it to get awkward even though it probably is because he knows you like him and he doesnt like you back.

what happens when a boy stares into your eyes.does he like you or what.

It really depends - he could be embarrassed and does like you but doesn't want to admit it or he is not interested in you as you are with him and when he is looking at you is just aware where you are and knows you like him.

He could be shy or he doesn't really care for you and doesn't want to get into a relationship.

It means either they like you or he/she knows you like him/her and just want to know if your looking at him/her. I always stare when when I know a guy likes me... But that doesn't always mean I like them back.

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

I think it depends on the situation and perhaps he said that to see what you would say or how you would react Maybe, and he was too shy to answer honestly or he thinks you're stupid.

He might find it weird because he knows that you like him, or he might like you back but doesn't want to ask you out, or he's a guy, god knows !

How do you know you like him if you've never spoke? You probably find him attractive and he's probably just trying to figure out who you are. "Scoping out his options"

Well, if he knows you like him, then he may just be thinking if he likes you back, or if you just wish you never met. But if he stares at you, there is a possibility that he likes you too. If he continues to stare, maybe you should go up to him and ask why he stares at you. If he gets nervous and says he wasn't staring at you. Remind him that you like him, then ask him if he would like to go out with you. If he says no, don't rush, give him some time, and flirt a little, but if he says yes, do what you can to keep the relationship going.

I wouldn't read to much into his "stare". Who knows who or what he was staring at or why. The important point is he found a girl he was more interested in than you. I've been interested in dozens of girls who didn't want anything to do with me. Happens all the time. It really isn't that big a deal. Move on and find another guy. There are LOTS of them out there.

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