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You can call your county prosecutor and report them. You can also call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with them.

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Q: Who do you report the illegal things that your employer is doing?
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What can happen if you are a minor and doing illegal things?

Well, being a minor and doing illegal things will cause you to go jail, and most likely be fined, although more specifics would help to answer this question more effectively.

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Report her to her supervisor immediately. What she is doing is illegal and she should be reported.

Is it legal for employers to tell you not to date a person?

yes, i could see the employer doing this if you both work for that same employer. otherwise, i am not sure that he should tell you who to date. but it may not be ILLEGAL. for example, some employers tell their employees they can't smoke or live (cops) outside the city. it's not illegal.

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Can an employer fire or threaten to fire for doing your job?

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How do you report non payment of wages?

You report it to the Attorney General's Office, for the state that you were employed in. This can be done by downloading a Non-Payment of Wages Complaint Form from that particular Attorney General's Office website. It is an employees right and responsibility to report this kind of employer abuse. Employees deserve to be paid for all of the time and work that they put in for an employer, and employers deserve to be exposed and penalized should they be negligent in doing so.

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There are many fake Facebook accounts. If you feel they are doing something illegal then report it to Facebook.