Who ended WW2?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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In the Pacific, the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that landed in Japan, set off by the US, were what ended WWII. Japan surrendured the day after the second atomic bomb landed.

In Europe, Alfred Jodl signed unconditional surrender documents for all German troops in Norway on May 7th, 1945. On May 8th, the next day, V-E day was celebrated (Victory in Europe).

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Q: Who ended WW2?
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Who and when did the war end?

ww2 ended in 1940. England ended the war.


ended in SEPTEMBER 21945

What did the atomic bomb accomplished?

ended WW2.

What war ended the third Reich?


How old was Hitler when world war II ended?

Hitler never really ended WW2, as he did not want to surrender, but his own suicide on 30 April 1945 did lead to the end of WW2.

How did U.S. got out of the depression?

=WW2 ended the Depression.=

What year did WW2 finish?

It ended in April, 1945.

What is a Good conclusion for World War two?

That is how ww2 ended

What major world event ended the great depression?

It was already beginning to lift before this, but WW2 completely ended it.

Why Nagasaki significant?

after it was Atomic bombed Japan surrendered and WW2 ended

After World War 2 ended what opened?

The world went back to what it was before WW2, trying to repair the damage done by WW2.

When did the Nazi book burnings end?

I think once the Holocaust/WW2 ended