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  • If you mean Islam in its universal sense, then Adam is the first Muslim. Refer to question below.
  • If you mean Islam religion per God Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then:
    • First woman to join Islam is Khadija, prophet Muhammad wife.
    • First man to join Islam is Abou Bakr
    • First boy to join Islam is Aly Ibn Abou Taleb
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Q: Who first joined worship in islam?
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Does Islam worship idols?

No, Islam prohibits the worship of idols.

Worship services of Islam?

The islam worship in a building called the masjid

Do Muslims worship Islam?

Islam is the religion, Muslims are the ones who follow the religion. They do not "worship" Islam, as Christians don't worship Christianity.

What is the language used in Islam worship?

The language used in Islam worship is Arabic.

Why is worship important in Islam?

In islam, we were created to worship Allah and it is good for ourselfs and our souls

Why do people worship Islam?

People worship in various faith for they believe in their faith, which is the same in Islam. People worship Islam because it is what they believe in. They believe in Islam as being the final revelation of God.

Where do Islam people worship Allah?

The Islam people worship Allah at Dean Jone's house.

Where does Islam worship?

Islam worship only Allah basically we worship in the direction of kaaba in saudia arabia.we don't worship kaaba but in the direction of kaaba islam don't worship an idol or human only Allah.. I hope thats the answer to the question..

Who does the Islam's worship?


What is the first and the foremost aim and objective of Islam?

To believe in the oneness of God and worship God

Are Islam appose worship?

Islam is a religion, and religions are about worshipping god and a guideline to life on what is right and wrong so therefore the answer is no, Islam does not oppose worship.

When did people worship Islam?

Answer People do not worship Islam. They worship Allah (God in English) who called people to Islam (that means full submission and surrender to God). In this sense, Islam started by start of universe creation. Refer to question below.

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