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As a Bostonian, I'm personally offended by that answer. A Massachusetts militia forced the evacuation of Boston after 11 months of siege.

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Q: Who forced the british to evacuate Boston?
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The british were forced to evacuate boston when general washington men?

The British evacuated Boston by sea on St. Patrick's Day 1776 after an 11-month siege. And that is why, to this day, kids in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, get St. Patty's day off from school.

Why did the colonists want the hills surrounding Boston?

In order to force the British to evacuate the city.

What happened at the battle long island?

the british drove the Americans from Brooklyn and forced them to evacuate New York.

What did Britain do in the buildup to American Revolution?

forced colonists to harbor British soldiers closed Boston's port

What battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?

Bunker Hill.

What brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?

Bunker Hill.

Why didnt the people of Boston want the British soldiers to be there?

Because in the past the British soldiers do not want Boston and they put Boston to pay taxes. The Boston colonists were forced to quarter the British soldiers. Quartering refers to housing and feeding them.

How did the siege of Boston end?

The siege of Boston ended with the British troops evacuating the city. They had to wait in Boston Harbor for a number of days for the wind to be favorable enough to set sail out of the Harbor.

What war forced President Madison to evacuate the White House?

It was the War of 1812. The British attacked on August 24,1814 and burned the White House.

How how did Washington forced the British to leave Boston?

He found 16,000 troops and placed cannons in front of the British ships.

What did the north side believe in 1776?

Revolutionary War: Northern Front, 1775-1777 In the first eighteen months of armed conflict with the British (the conflict would not become a "war for independence" until July 4, 1776), Washington had begun to create an army and forced the British army in Boston to evacuate that city in March 1776.

Which brief battle forced the british to retreat Boston?

Battle of Lexington and Concord