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Who formed the Singing Senators?

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Bobby E. Denton formed the "Singing Senators".

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When did Ottawa Senators first form?

The original Ottawa Senators were formed in 1883 and played until 1954. The original team played in the NHL from 1917 to 1934. The newer version of the Ottawa Senators were formed in 1992.

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What is an WS2 on baseball cards?

WS2 is used in connection with the 2nd Washington Senators who were an expansion team formed after the original Senators relocated to Minnesota. WS2 existed from 1961-71 before relocating to become the Texas Rangers.

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What is the name of the baseball team with the W logo?

The Washington Senators used a "W" as their logo from 1901 to 1960 when they became The Minnesota Twins. A second Washington Senators was formed in 1961, but struggled to attract crowds and moved to Texas to become The Rangers in 1972.

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