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Baboons are older than recorded history - Egyptian art work has the Baboon as a regular componant.

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Q: Who found the first baboon?
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When was the first baboon found?

There is no record of when the first baboon was found. Humans and baboons have shared the same territory for thousands of years, and the native African tribes have long known about this animal.

Baby faye baboon heart?

she reviced the first baboon heart and sadly die after 20 days.

The largest and most intelligent of the monkeys found in Africa and Asia?


Do geladas have babies?

Geladas have babies. They are a type of baboon found in Eithiopia.

What continent is ababoon is found on?

Baboons live in Africa, although one subspecies is known to live in Arabia, which is technically Southwest Asia."Five species of Papio are commonly recognized, although there is some disagreement about whether they are really full species or subspecies. They are P. ursinus (Chacma Baboon, found in southern Africa), P. papio (Western, Red, or Guinea Baboon, found in the far western Africa), P. hamadryas(Hamadryas Baboon, found in the Horn of Africa and south-western Arabia), P. anubis (Olive Baboon, found in the north-central African savanna) and P. cynocephalus (Yellow Baboon, found in south-central and eastern Africa). "source: and

What is an antonym for baboon?

There is no antonym for baboon. A baboon is a specific type of animal so the opposite would have to be 'not baboon'.

What do baboon spiders eat?


Is a baboon a carnivore?

no a baboon a herbivore!

Who is stronger a gorilla or baboon?

A baboon

What genus is a baboon in?

A baboon is a primate.

Is a baboon a decomposer?

is a baboon a decomposer

What is the food chain for a baboon?

it eats anything that doesnt eat it first

Where is the baboon in Zelda twilight princess that holds the gale boomarang?

in the forest temple you need to free the first three monkey's and they will help you reach the King Baboon.

Does a baboon have a tail?

Yes, a baboon has a tail.

What is the Hebrew word for baboon?


What animal is the baboon in The Lion King?

its a baboon

What is the plural for baboon?

The plural for baboon is baboons.

Is a baboon a consumer or a producer?

a baboon is a consumer

What do Baboon eat?

They eat baboon and fruit

What is the Ethiopian baboon-like monkey called?

It is called a gelada...only found in Ethiopia

What do baboon monkeys eat?

They eat baboon and fruit

What do you call a baboon in Swahili language?

nyani (baboon)

How do you use baboon at a sentence?

The baboon was swinging on the branch.

What is a young baboon called?

A baby Baboon is referred to as an infant.

How do you spell baboon?

That is the correct spelling of the monkey group, the "baboon".