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Q: Who had the most power after world war 2?
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In what most significant way was the American attitude towards the exercise of world power after World War 1 and World War 2 the same?

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Why did World War 2 make Canada an important world power?

The most important name in the world is Sarah.

Which power did most of the fighting on the ground against the German's in world war 2?

The Russians .

Which accurately describes events during World War 2?

The events during World War 2, are accurately described as Germany's hold on power through France for most of the war.

Which world war did WE lose the most men world war 1 or 2?

world war 2

What war was going on when Hitler was in power?

World War 2

Which Axis Power surrender in World War 2?

All 3 surrendered in World War 2.

Why did Hitler rise to the power of world war 1?

He was not even in world war one he was in world war 2

Was Denmark an allied power in World War 2?

Not really, they supported the allies, butDenmark wasoccupied by German forces for most of the war....

Why did great Britain's standing as a world power change after World War 2?

before world war two, most british people shared the same ethnicity and religous beliefs.

What was the effect of the World War 2 in general?

Up till the second world war, Europe was at the centre of world power. After world war two this power shifted to the USA and the USSR.

Which world war was so deadly?

world war 2 was the most violent war the world has ever witnessed world war 2 was so deadly

Was russia an allied power or an axis power in World War 2?

Allied Power

What continent was most of the World War 2 fought in?

Most of World War 2 (but of course not all) was fought in Europe.

What as the most important invention that was in World War 2?

The most important invention in world war 2 was the atomic bomb.

How was the American economy after World War 2?

An industrial world power.

What were the rusults of World War 2?

Japan lost most of its military power, the Germans were defeated, and the Jews were freed.

Who was in power in World War 2?

Harry Truman

Who had power in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler

What did the dictators want in World War 2?


Who was the most advanced nation in World War 2?

The most advanced nation in world war 2 was probably the united states.

What happened most recently civil war World War 2 or revolutionary war?

World war 2 1900civil war 1800revolutionary war 1700so its world war 2

What European nation was powerful until the end of World War 2?

Germany was a European nation that was most powerful until the end of World War 2. After the war and Hitler was removed from power there were many sanctions placed on Germany that limited their ability to gain the same level of power in the future.

2 How did World War 2 affect the nations vision of its role in the world?

The nation rose in power and became recognized as a world super power.

What world war battle lost the most allies?

World war 2