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Who had the most soilders in World War 2?


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Russia had the most soldiers in World War Two they sent over 12 million soldiers into the War.


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world war 2 has had the most deaths overall that is including soilders, Jews and average people

How many welsh soilders were there i WW2?

About 416,800 U.S. soldiers died in World War 2.

i think soilders didnt have pillows in world if war craft 2

about 65-70million soilders fought in world war 2 they used about 40-50million

war supplies were called rations or goods by the soilders

French military strength at the start of World War II was over 2 million.

they had head lice, and they also spread the plague

About 408,000 US soldiers were killed in World War II.

A total of 16 Million men were mobilized in the German army in World War II.

a tiny percentage of the soilders were women but the rest were nurses

About 25 Million soldiers were killed during WW2.

2 thing could happen A. they suck it up or B. the leave and that can be punished by death

It was and istimate of 30,000 navy soilders during ww2 in jaan

They encouraged U.S citezens that the war was good and that the women could do the work and the soilders were happy

8,ooon soilders fought in the war and im only 10 years old

Hitler was deficated upon by 33 American soilders, then his body was burned

There were many millions, obviously, 16 million from the US alone. World War II saw as many as 40 million men in uniform at once around the world.

Between 2 1/2 and 3 million.

world war 2 was the most violent war the world has ever witnessed world war 2 was so deadly

Most of World War 2 (but of course not all) was fought in Europe.

The most important invention in world war 2 was the atomic bomb.

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