Who has the biggest bust on earth?

"Who has the biggest bust on earth

Shayla Hershey. But they're implants. Chesty Morgan was supposed to measure 71 inch back in the 1970's.
Supposedly Chelsie Charms ,Beshine and ,Maxie Mouns featured all over the place.They seem to implants also-string or otherwise .Tina Small Featured in Fling Magazine and Juggs, Club others in the 1980's.

  • Birth name: Christina Jane Small
  • Measurements: 84-22-34
  • Height: 5 ft 6 in (165cm)
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Natural bust: Disputed. Claimed yes, as a result of virginal hypertrophy
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Stage Name's: Tina Small, Titanic Tina
  • Tina Small was the British model with the 84 inch bust, who posed for nude pictures and made a few semi science-fiction-based soft core porn movies of innocent are quality. According to some Internet sources, her real name is Christina Jane Small. Born September 10th, 1959, in the small town or village of Iping, Somerset. Southern United Kingdom, although this name is also attributed to Tina Small by other Internet sources.
  • Tina Small claimed to suffer from the medical condition known as virginal breast hypertrophy (VBH), also known as juvenile macromastia or juvenile gigantomastia. This condition causes excessive growth of the breasts during puberty and has a much higher frequency than the rare cases of breast hypertrophy in pregnancy.
  • Whether her breasts were real or not is not generally known nor is there agreement on this among fans of big-breast erotica. Many believe Tina's breasts were prosthetic. One reason for this is the lack of any photos that show her upper body without clothing or long hair obscuring the shoulders and/or torso. In addition, some photos of Tina seem to show the same breasts but a different face. This may make Tina Small the first model to pose with prosthetic breasts, a trend that was later continued by Zena Fulsom, Cindy Fulsom, Dixie Dynamite and many others.
  • Too large-bust-loving men everywhere, Titanic Tina was a dream come true - a very attractive blond with long legs, a nicely shaped rear, sexy lips and hooters that made Chesty Morgan look flat. Publisher Arv Miller once commented in the pages of his magazine, printed in San Francisco, that Titanic Tina was around 11 inches bigger than Chesty Morgan's extra large bust, which had been the biggest ever found to date.
  • Every Inch a Lady, featuring photos of Tina Small, was printed both as a soft cover edition and a hard cover edition. EVERY INCH A LADY was a title obviously take a 1975 movie. John Xavier, who met Tina Small on a train, decided take a few test photos of this lovely woman - very shy, with an extremely huge bustline. The pictures were sent to Fling and other large bust magazines, and Fling publisher Arv Miller purchased them for publication around 1979. She quickly became a sensation and a controversy within the pages of Fling, some fans loving her and excepting her as is,while others did not, saying she was beautiful and either needed a plastic surgeon or a forklift with cups.
  • Titanic Tina became a feature on and off throughout 1979 to 1980. Soon the success of this phenomenon generated a special photo book called "EVERY INCH A LADY" WITH TINA SMALL pictures of this extraordinary woman. It also featured other women photographed by John Xavier, but no remembers them, just Tina. There is an article about John Xavier and friendship with Christina Jane Small, a personal letter written by Tina Small herself, some letters by fans and a cartoon or two of Tina Small. Years later, Amazon Publishing reprinted with book EVERY INCH A LADY" WITH TINA SMALL A Special Edition,in 1984/1985, eliminating much of this material. Tina Small wrote the foreward, talking about herself, her likes, thoughts and hopes. The rest was pages of her - new photos and old mixed into this new publication.
  • Tina Small-was an extraordinary nude model,that made her debut in Fling magazine-all adult mens magazine,that specialized in large chested women.She was an extremely pretty girl,who claimed to have lived in a small village within the southern area of the United Kingdom.
  • Raised by her mother,who was abandoned her father ,at an early age around age five.Tina Small claimes to be a twine Fling article cited 81 or 84 inches-23-35.Often called by Fling as either Titanic Tina or Tina Small. Photos of Tina Small,photographed by John Xavier,who discovered on a train to London,in the 1970's.She debuted in Fling Magazine in 1978 or 1979. Tina Small claimed to suffer from the medical condition known as Virginal breast hypertrophy (VBH) is not a medical name, but the more known name for juvenile macromastia and juvenile gigantomastia- that causes excessive growth of the breasts during puberty and has a much higher frequency than the rare cases of breast hypertrophy in pregnancy. She quickly became a sensation and a controversy within the pages of Fling ""some fans loving her and excepting her as is,while others not-saying she was beautiful and either needed a plastic surgeon or a forklift with cups.
  • Every inch a every inch a lady-a book of Photos of Tina Small.soon came after numerous features in Fling.Some pictures were also presented,with Fling editor Ave Miller,in other magazines such as Juggs,Gent and so on around this time.Tina Small,herself soon had a fan club,known as the Tina Small Appreciation League of North Texas,created by a group of fans in Texas.Soon others followed from around the globe,once this made known in the pages of Juggs and Fling magazine.Tina Small was featured in bounce plus super breast issue featuring Titanic Tina 81 special,tina small special number 2 postergram-Opens out into large 2 sided poster featuring Sally Anne Southend on half of one side and Tina Small 84 DD on the other. Poster size for Tina Small 32 X 23 inches.Tina Small special postergram magazine,
    Opens out into large 2 sided poster featuring Lu Varley on half of one side and Tina Small 84 DD on the other. Poster size for Tina Small 32 X 23 inches.
    featuring Titanic Tina 81 special .Tina Small featured in amazons special edition the girls of Vision X.For a time,Photoprints and Vision X Productions appeared to be a small,self contained industry to promote and distribute products about Tina Small,prints of her,stickers,books,audio tapes and novels to her fans.
  • Tina Small,soon wrote her own autobiography called Big Girls Don't Cry,published by Legend Publishers,in an attempt to tell her own story in her own words.Ultra Vision Productions,came out a few very soft core Adult Films,mainly based a series of Adventures of Princess Titania-a superhero science fiction character,created by Tina Small herself,who claimed to be a big science fiction fan and would do such material if it was such.She had photo collections in various publications,Club,Gent-only once,Juggs-mostly introducing her club and advertising various video or print publications.Rumor has it Russ Meyers was interested in putting Tina Small in a film,but John Xavier,Tina Small and Russ Meyers couldn't agree on how go about such a project,so it never came about.
  • The movies were of an innocent quality and were made sort in the style of Russ Meyers-who claimed to also like to use Tina in one of his upcoming movies.Tina Small,left the adult film and modeling business,being not satified with John Xavier's handling of her career,plus a few relationship problems a man who alledged to engaged to.She once stated that she would never have a normal relationship with a man.A few article in British Tabloids such as the Sunday Sport,featured reprints of other articles and chapters of her book.Tina Small,at the time claimed to want to retire and become a part time Buddhist nun .Rumors has she wanted to visit Thailand.She soon disappeared and left a lot of controversy,that exists until this day.

  • Obviously fakes like Zena Fulsom,Cindy Fulson,Dixie Dynimite,Mandy Mountjoy,Vicki Little,the Farang Ding Dong Girls,the Mastatia Girls and others all claimed to be the biggest.Other women,who claimed be other women,with the medical condition,known as Virginal Hypertrophty ,but most were so bad,one but the extremely stupid believed them to be real.They can found at certain web sites,such as Yahoo.com Groups.
  • Who ever Titantic Tina or Tina Small was no one,but herself,her personal photographer and manager,and a hand of people that actually met her,knows for sure and known of them are talking on the web anywhere.Rumors of sightings by fans come upon the net and fan clubs appear from time to time,such the Tina Small Collector and the Tina Small Roberta Pedon Fan Club show up on Yahoo.Msn or My Space,One or two profiles appear on the web,such as at My Space,but still no one really knows for sure,what is real or unreal with the legendary career of Tina Small.
  • Tina Small or Christina Jane Small.Rumors abound that she lives somewhere still the United Kingdom.Worked in a book store in Peterfeild.UK.Went to Plymouth Politechnic.Some people seen an an air port once or in her native Iping village area,while others say worked in a book or art gallery.

Who has the biggest bust


"Who has the biggest bust on earth