Who has the highest ranking in the military?

It depends on the nation you are referring to.

  • China: Grand Marshall
  • France: Marshall General
  • South Korea: Wonsu
  • Russia: Generalissimus
  • UK: Field Marshall, Marshall of the Royal Air Force and Admiral of the Fleet.
  • US: General of the Army, General of the Air Force and Admiral of the Navy.

In the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth, the British Monarch, otherwise the head of state, is the highest military authority. The Field Marshall, the Marshall of the Royal Air Force and the Admitral of the Fleet all answer to the Monarch (the King or Queen).

In the Unites States, the President is the highest military authority. The General of the Army, general of the Army and the Admiral of the Navy answer to the President.

For any other country, please re-ask the question giving the country that you require your answer to be relating to.

Omar Bradley, Five star general; General of the Army, which is the highest Army rank in the US Army. George W. Bush, Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces George Washington and General John "Blackjack" Pershing were named as the only Six star generals in U.S. History. This title is "General of the Armies of the United States." There are only a small number of five stars (General of War). The only person to ever receive this rank twice was Air Force General Henry "Hap" Arnold. Omar Bradley was the last living individual to hold the five star rank until his death in 1981. Overall the rank of 5 Star has been held by Four Army Generals, Four Navy Admirals, and the aforementioned Hap Arnold.