Who helped make the first atomic bomb?

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Too many to list by name (including my grandfather, who worked at the Hanford Site oiling machines from the summer of 1944 through February 1945, without ever having any idea of what the purpose of Hanford was or that its product was part of a very powerful bomb).

Who was the first to make an atomic bomb?

The US developed the first nuclear fission weapons (atomic bombs) during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project, a top-secret military program that saw several firsts i

When did Russia make their first atom bomb?

The Soviet Union (Russia's predecessor) tested its first 'atomic bomb' on August 29th, 1949 "First Lightning" ( Первая молния). The first

Where was the atomic bomb first bombed in?

It was first dropped on people in Hiroshima, Japan, August 6th, 1945, then Nagasaki, Japan, August 9th, 1945, both by the US. However, the first test was in New Mexico (again

Why did Albert Einstein help make the atomic bomb?

Albert Einstein's assistance to the Manhattan Project was in the form of a letter he wrote to FDR, encouraging him to persue research in atomic weapons. Although Einstein was

What element was the first to make the atomic bomb?

July 16, 1945 Gadget, Trinity Test tower shot, NM - Plutonium . August 6, 1945 Little Boy, Combat airburst, Hiroshima - Uranium . August 9, 1945 Fatman, Combat airburst,

Who helped to make the atomic bomb?

Many, many countries helped in the Manhattan Project. . Robert J. Oppenheimer is usually credited with being the primary scientific leader of the U.S. Manhattan Project. How
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How did TN help with making the atomic bomb?

The uranium enrichment plants were built at Oak Ridge, TN andpowered by cheap electricity generated by the Tennessee ValleyAuthority.
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What elements are used to make the first atomic bombs?

The first atomic bomb tested (Gadget on July 16, 1945) used plutonium as the fission fuel alloyed with gallium and beryllium and polonium in the neutron sourceinitiator.
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What element was used to make the first atomic bomb?

Many elements were used in the first atomic bombs in the nonnuclearparts. As I cannot possibly list them all (the most common elementswere the carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen use