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Who helped the Pilgrims get into America?

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Who helped the pilgrim in america?

The American Indians helped the pilgrims in America. They taught the pilgrims how to cultivate the land. The pilgrims would not have survived without the help of the Native Americans.

Who helped the pilgrims to America?

The Native Americans

Who helped the Pilgrims come to America?

the Indians

Who helped pilgrims in America?

The Squanto Native Americans.

How did the pilgrims survive their first year in America?

the indians helped them

Who helped the Pilgrims get established in America?

The American Indians (Native Americans)

Who was the pawtuxet indan who helped the pilgrims in there first winter in America?


Who was the Pawtuxet Indian who helped the pilgrims in their first winter in America?


Who helped th pilgrims?

the indians helped the pilgrims answer: Indians/Natives

What part of North America did the Pilgrims first see?

Why did the pilgrims leave England How did the pilgrims travle to America When did the pilgrims first see America

What was the name of the Indian tribe that helped the Pilgrims?

The Wampanoag. The tribe that helped the Pilgrims separatists. Also the samoset was with they pilgrims.

What was the name of the Indian tribe that helped pilgrims?

The Indians who helped the pilgrims were Wampanoag.

How did the pilgrims grow their food?

The Indians helped the pilgrims get used to planting in the rich fertile soil when the pilgrims came to America. The Indians trusted the pilgrims and showed them a new food plant,corn. After that happened, the Indians and the pilgrims had Thanksgiving. That is when Thanksgiving Day started.

How did native americans help pilgrims?

The Native Americans helped the pilgrims by teaching them what foods could be grown in America and how to grow them. They also taught them how to build housing.

Who helped the pilgrims when they first arrived?

The Native Americans helped the pilgrims when they first arrived.

What was the English speaking Native American that helped the pilgrims survive?

we helped the pilgrims survive. =)

About how many pilgrims came to America?

102 Pilgrims came to America.

How did north America change after Christopher Columbus arrived?

because the Indians helped and they helped and helped and then when the pilgrims arrived it was more helping then Goerge Washington was then when became older there was war and we won so that's how america changed <3

What was the name of the native American that helped the pilgrims start their life in America?

Samoset, watch Charlie Brown people

What year did the pilgrims discover America?

1620 is the year the pilgrims discover America

Why did the pilgrims came to america?

Pilgrims come to America to escape religious persecution

What pilgrims came to America?

Pilgrims from England.

What did the Indians help the pilgrims do?

The Native American (Indians live in India, Native Americans live in America) helped the Pilgrims survive in a new world that the Pilgrims saw as an untamed wilderness due to the lack of modernization like roads, guns, and other commodities. They showed and helped the pilgrims hunt fish and farm. Specifically introducing them to corn.

Where did the pilgrims go before they went to america?

Before the pilgrims went to America, they lived in Holland. Before the pilgrims went to America, they lived in Holland.

Who was a brave soldier who helped the pilgrims?

There was no “brave soldiers “ who helped the Pilgrims. The Mayflower had a crew of about 40 men and they stayed until the Pilgrims got established.