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First photo-1827

Joseph Nicephore Niépce produces the first successful picture over an eight hour exposure time.

1837 Daguerretype

In 1837 Daguerre creates his first Photo on a copper plate coated with iodide of silver.

1840 Calotype

Talbot sensitized paper to light with a silver salt solution. He then exposed the paper to light.

In 1851, Frederick Scoff Archer,Glass Negatives & The Collodion Wet Plate.

Ambrotype - 1850s

a faster and less expensive photographic process.

The tintype Photography process was patented in 1856 by Hamilton Smith.

1879- wet plate photography,Frederick scott archer.

1861 -The first color photograph taken by photographer Thomas Sutton.

Maxwell discovered that color photographs could be formed using red, green, and blue filters.

1871- dry plate photography

English Inventor RL Maddox, seeking to develop a less cumbersome process than the wet-plate collodion method, experiments successfully with silver bromide and Gelatin to produce a dry plate.

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Q: Who improved the camera?
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