Who in the us bought Alaska?

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William H. Seward, US Secretary of State.
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How did the US get Alaska?

By purchase from Russia on 30 March 1867 for 7.2 million dollars. It was often called Sewards Folly. It purchased it in 1867 from Russia.

Who bought Alaska from the Russians?

Actually Alaska was bought by the United States of America...WOW GENIUSES-----yes but Seward William H. Seward was the one

Who was involved when US bought Alaska?

Eduard de Stoeckl represented Russia and William Seward negotiated for the US. The purchase was made in 1867 from Russia for $7.2 million dollars.

How much was Alaska bought for?

7,200,000$ in 1959 Alaska was bought for 7,200,000$ and was was a state in 1959 too. 12.3 cents an acre. THANKS

Which president bought Alaska from russia?

Andrew Johnson. A simple search of "alaska purchase" gave me the date of 1867. Another search of "1867 president" gave me Andrew Johnson. Should try to problem solve yourself, in the end it will pay off more so than depending on others.. ^ Strictly speaking, it was James Seward who purchased Alas ( Full Answer )

Who was president when the US bought Louisiana?

Thomas Jefferson was the US President in 1803 when he negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, for a total cost of about $15 million. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of The United States.

Who was Alaska bought from?

Alaska was bought from the Russians on January 3, 1959. kids shows aren't just stupid and entertaining .

When was Alaska bought?

the final approval for the purchase of Alaska by the US House of Representatives occured in July 1868. The official transfer date of October 18, 1867 is celebrated in Alaska and has evolved into Seward's Day (the last Monday in March)

Which US state was bought in 1819?

Florida was ceded to the US by Spain in 1819. It was not reallybought, but the US government paid 5 million dollars to US citizenswho had claims against Spain that were connected to the lack ofgovernment in Florida.

Was Alaska bought by the USA?

Yes, the United States bought Alaska from Russia. In 1867 Alaskawas bought from Russia for $7.2 million dollars.

Is Alaska in the US?

Yes, Alaska is a state, within the United States of America. It wasgranted its statehood on January 3 rd of 1959.

Which senator of the state of Alaska bought Alaska from Russia in 1867?

It was a "Secretary of State" and his name was William Henry Seward. It was known as "Seward's Folly" at the time because they thought the state was a large frozen wasteland. We spend 7.2 million on the land, roughly 2 cents an acre. So this states that Alaska really once was Russia's.

When was Alaska bought by US?

William H. Seward, US Secretary of State, negotiated the purchase of Alaska from the Russians for 7.2 million USD in 1867.

Why did the US get Alaska?

Alaska was purchased on 30 March 1867. It was considered a highly diplomatic move for Russia and the United States to sign a treaty selling Alaska to the U.S. for $7.2 million. Alaska had been part of Russian territory since Russia had explored the region in the first half of the 17th century. The d ( Full Answer )

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Is Alaska in US?

Yes...Alaska is part of the United States...just because we aren't part of the "continental U.S." we're still "in" the U.S....we're ust up by Canada...

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How was Alaska bought?

Alaska was bought by the USA from Russia in the early 1800's for $72 million.

What bought about the end of slavery in the us?

Lincoln's 1963 Emancipation Proclamation was a federal order to free all slaves under southern control (border states were exempt). The 13th Amendment adopted December 1865 freed the rest and outlawed slavery

Why did U.S bought Alaska?

The Russians could not maintain control of it. The British and the U.S.A got into a bidding war for it, but the British showed little interest in buying it. So, the U.S.A bought it for $7,200,000.

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Its connected to Canada, right above British Columbia and is connected to the Yukon Territory.

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