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Elvis Presley, chuck berry, Little Richard, and buddy holly. After The Beatles have listened to their music, they got inspired to make a band of their own. hope that helps :)

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Did Adam smith influence the American revolution?

He influneced the father of our country by his writings.

Is it beatles or The Beatles?

The Beatles

Who sold more records The Beatles or the four Beatles after the break-up of The Beatles?

The Beatles

What is the fourth album of The Beatles?

Beatles For Sale is the Beatles' fourth album

Where The Beatles real?

Yes, the Beatles were real.the-beatles

Are the Beatles also abbey road?

The Beatles are the Beatles. They are not Abbey Road they have a song called Abbey Road and that is a street name in England, but I promise the Beatles are the Beatles not anything else.

What are the names of the beatles band?

The Beatles

Who has invaded America?

the beatles the beatles

Were The Beatles racist?

No, the Beatles were not racist

What is beatles in Latin?

Los Beatles

Who is better The Beatles or Kesha?

The Beatles!

What is The Beatles nationality?

The Beatles are/were British.

Was Beatles for sale a Beatles album?

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

Who were the Quarrymen?

it was the original name of what was later known as the Beatles (before the silver beatles and the beatles)

Use the Beatles in a sentence?

The Beatles were a popular band in the sixties. 'Get back' is sung by the Beatles.

What Beatles album was before Help?

"Beatles for Sale" in the UK, "Beatles VI" in the US.

What are the twelve steps in a trial?

1. Beatles! 2. Beatles! 3. Beatles! 4. Farris! 5. Farris! 6. Farris! 7. Beatles! 8. Beatles! 9. Beatles! 10. Farris! 11. Farris! 12. Farris!

Who came first The Beatles or The Carpenters?

The Beatles

Original name of The Beatles?

the silver beatles

Did The Beatles have a game?

Beatles Rock Band.

Who had more hits out of the Beatles or Wings?

The Beatles.

Who came first the beatles or the stones?

the beatles

What album is beatles no reply on?

Beatles for Sale

Who are Beatles?

The Beatles are a British Band From Liverpool !

Did the Beatles ever sing the song 'til there was you?

yes. it was on their albums With The Beatles and Meet The Beatles.