Who introduced American Sign Language to the Philippines?

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Marian and Nana Dumitra, missionaries who worked with the Deaf Ministries International, introduced American Sign Language (ASL) in the Philippines.
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What is the American Sign Language sign for 'saxophone'?

Basically you would mime the act of playing the sax...you may preface it by spelling saxophone or just sax depending on the situation...you could also trace the shape of the sax with your hands then show what it looks like to play the instrument

How do you sign 'good' in American Sign Language?

See the website ASL Browser - http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm and select G for a video of how to do this sign. Note: the sign can be done with one hand.

What is the American Sign Language sign for 'father'?

to sign father the easiest way to explain this is to spread all of your fingers out just lke when you are making a five and tap your thumb on your fore head...same for mother except it is on your chin....when you sign grandma and or grandpa you bounce it twice

Where do the signs in American Sign Language come from?

Origins of American Sign Language Believe it or not, a signer from America and a signer from France can communicate much better with each other than an American and a British signer could! American Sign Language was first made common by a French man. Louis Laurent Marie Clerc was a student of Ch ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'will' in American Sign Language?

See related link. The sign also means "future", as in: "In the future, someone will die" - "FUTURE, SOMEONE DIE" But if you're looking for the sign for a document executed after death, there may not be a sign. In the absence of such, simply explain it like so: "W-I-L-L MEAN YOU WRITE DOCUME ( Full Answer )

What is the American Sign Language sign for God?

Gosh, there's a lot. Off the top of my head I can come up with 3 but there's probably a bunch more. The reason that there are so many is the communities of deaf signers tend to develop their own religious signs without contact with other deaf groups that may have developed their own sign. Bu ( Full Answer )

What is the sign for hate in American Sign Language?

Hate same sign used for despise, detest. [The finger flick away something distasteful] Beginning with both 8 fingers in front of the chest, palms facing each other, don't flick the middle finger forward, changing into 5 fingers .

How do you sign 'Deaf' in American Sign Language?

Imagine drawing a half circle in your head. Hold the image. Now, put your dominant finger on your dominant hand near the ear, then trace a tiny half circle across to the dominant side of your mouth. (Do not trace the straight line) See related link.

Why was sign language introduced?

From what I've read, Sign Language started in France, and it started because the deaf wanted a way to communicate, plain and simple.. Sign language was introduced to give those who could not speak or speak coherently the ability to communicate. The language was introduced and refined so a common an ( Full Answer )

How do you sign faithful in American Sign Language?

In English, the word "faithful" means "full of faith". The best way to sign this is to sign FAITH twice. But this really depends on context. For example, a husband wanting to sign "Please be faithful to me. I don't want to divorce you" could sign "I ASK YOU, FAITH-FAITH ME. ME DIVORCE YOU NOT-WAN ( Full Answer )

How do you sign the word 'how' in American sign language?

put the palms of both of your hands over your chest so that your indesx fingers are pointing towards each other then flip your hands over so that the palms fo your hands are facing up.... with your face make your eyebrows look concerned

In American sign language how do you sign wave?

Think of the ocean and place the left hand in front of you with the palm facing you and fingers pointing to the right. With the left hand, palm facing you and parallel to the left and closer to your body - wave the hand bending back and forth at the wrist - as though the right hand is a wave hitting ( Full Answer )

How do you sign the words i am in American sign language?

you dont really use the words like am a the etc. instead make a letter i with your pinky up and put your thumb side to your chest. ______. If you want to use Signed Exact English, you'd make an "I" handshape and tap it against your chest (thumb to the chest) as is indicated above. In SEE there is ( Full Answer )

What is the American sign language sign for Holy?

First you have to make an H. The sign is your middle and pointer straight with your thumb behind them. This moves counter clockwise over a flat palm. Counter clockwise to you, clockwise to those watching you. Hope this helps!

How do you sign the word 'then' in American Sign Language?

For the words, "OR" or "THEN": Your non-dominant hand makes an L handhsape (or pointing handshape, with the thumb extended up) and you point it horizontally. Your dominant hand has the index finger out (in a modified "one" handshape... the thumb rests against the knuckes) and you move from your t ( Full Answer )

What is the sign for the word 'what' in American Sign Language?

Hold left hand out as if to shake hands and drag the pointed index finger of the right hand down in a line, across the middle of the left hand beginning at the top edge of the hand between the thumb and first finger and dragging straight down ending between the pinky finger and the wrist.

How do you sign school in American sign language?

To sign "school" in American Sign Language, you will be using a two-handed sign. Your non-dominant hand rests palm-up in front of you (typicially near chest level.) Your dominant hand faces palm out, and slightly downward. Then you smack the heels of your hands together (at least once..., typically ( Full Answer )

How do you sIGN forgive in American sign language?

It looks like you're wiping the slate clean. To do this, you have your left hand out flat, with the palm facing up. With your right hand, you "brush off" whatever was on the slate with your palm facing down. "Wipe" the "slate" clean two times.

How do you sign the word the in American sign language?

I don't know of a word for 'the' in sign language. My guess is that you would spell it out. T - make a fist and place the thumb between the index and middle fingers. H - fold all of your fingers over and leave the index and middle fingers extended and pointing out away from you. E - hold your hand u ( Full Answer )

How do you sign Hindu in American Sign Language?

Take your dominate signing hand and make a "thumbs up" and put your thumb down toward your other fingers. It should look like the letter "A" in ASL. You will use this handshape to perform the sign. Take the hand that you made the "A" shape with and using your thumb press into your forehead between ( Full Answer )

What is the sign for female in American sign language?

To apply female gender in ASL, use the sign for GIRL. The dominant hand produces an 'A' handshape. Then, with palm facing outward, the signer draws the thumb along the cheekbone toward the chin.

How do you sign in American sign language silent?

There are two ASL signs for "Silent" or "Silence." The sign for "secret" may also be used in certain scenarios, depending on the context. One of these signs, you may already be familiar with... as it has become a natural cultural sign as well. For this you take your fore-finger and put it in-front o ( Full Answer )

What is the American Sign Language sign for Goddess?

I would probably finger-spell this in order to rule out anyconfusion. However, the sign for Goddess, is the same as the signfor "God", but made at the chin (the feminine marker.) But if it isdone wrong it looks like something else entirely. Finger-spellingseems to be the better option, at least unti ( Full Answer )

What is the American sign language sign for depend?

Take your pointer finger A and your other pointer finger B and stick them out like you are pointing. Put B over A in an X shape and move your hands up and down, but not all the way.

How do you sign met in American sign language?

im not sure but MEET is signed by pointing upwards with both index fingers.(hands a bit apart) then move the hands towards each other so that your thumbs touch

How do you say 'How are you' in American Sign Language?

The link below is a really good site for signs; I used it when I was taking sign language. I gave you link for conversational phrases, but they also have a dictionary of signs as well as religious signs. If you go under the 'general' category and the look under 'phrases' (the next box), "How are ( Full Answer )

How do you sign bastard in American sign language?

Take your left hand and hold it so your thumb faces up, and fold your thumb in. The actual sign is taking your hand in that position and bringing it up as if you were cutting your head in half, right through the nose. Be careful though, because when I do it, I usually hit myself in the forehead, an ( Full Answer )

What is the sign for the word'said 'in American sign language?

Past Tense modifiers are dependent upon context in ASL. In ASL, all verbs (except "to be" verbs, in their purest form... in other words they typically take a present tense form, not a progessive form) take a present progressive tense. To make it future or past tense depends on a variety of things su ( Full Answer )

How do you sign American Sign Language?

American Sign language is for use by and with deaf and hard of hearing people (many hearing people also "speak" ASL) and involves hand signals, bodily gestures, and facial expressions for use of communication. To Sign "American Sign Language" in ASL, you would sign: "america", the "er" or "pers ( Full Answer )

How did American sign language started?

a man in America wanted to develop a method to teach sign language to the deaf. he met the dean of a sign language school in Paris. with him were two pupils, one of which went back with the first guy and started ASL

How do you sign 'Welcome' in American Sign Language?

To sign WELCOME, use the B handshape with your dominant hand. Form a flat palm, fingers together and thumb folded in palm, facing upward away from your body (as if you're holding a plate). Bring the palm toward your body to your abdomen. The sign resembles a welcoming gesture, as if it is invitin ( Full Answer )

Where did American sign language originate from?

ASL originally came from British Sign Language. It was changed as needed, and things were added and removed, much like an accent in different regions of the world

How do you sign thanks in American Sign Language?

Signing thank you is the same as signing good. Place your flat hand to your mouth with your palm facing your mouth. Then move your hand away and downward almost like blowing a kiss but not. In certain situations a slight bow or nod of the head can also be accepted as thank you. Facial expression is ( Full Answer )

How do you sign warfare in American sign language?

You make a 4 with both your hands, then make your fingers a 90 degree angle to your palm, your fingers point to eachother. Wiggle your fingers and move your hands back and forth at the same time.

What is the American Sign Language sign for squirrel?

CORRECTED: Salut: close the hands and hold them at the mouth; open and tap the index fingers together several times (think like the little chewing of the squirrel when they eat). The American sign language sign for squirrel does not exist.

What is the American Sign Language sign for 360?

Hi: This will require some practice to not be confusing..... 1. with 1 hand, point the first 2 fingers and thumb out; then make a C [300] 2. make the sign for the word 'no' - point then close the fingertips of the first 2 fingers and the thumb (same as #1), then quickly change to just the thumb and ( Full Answer )