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Marian and Nana Dumitra, missionaries who worked with the Deaf Ministries International, introduced American Sign Language (ASL) in the Philippines.

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Q: Who introduced American Sign Language to the Philippines?
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Are Filipinos aware of American's sign language?

The Philippines have their own sign language called Fillipino Sign Language, but a good portion of FSL is based on American Sign. The School for the Deaf and Blind was established in the Philippines back in 1907. This school was founded by an American teacher, Ms. Delia Delight Rice. This school was run by American principles until the 1940s.

What year American Sign Language created?

American Sign Language wasn't created in a certain year. It is a natural language that evolved over many centuries. It was enhanced in 1817 with the opening of the American School for the Deaf, founded by Thomas Gallaudet. Gallaudet introduced many aspects of French Sign Language to modernize and expand ASL.

What are 3 misconceptions about American sign language?

1. That American Sign Language is 'universal' 2. That American Sign Language is 'English on the hands' 3. That American Sign Language is easy to learn...

Are there any American Sign Language CDs or other learning resources for deaf Filipinos in Tagalog?

American Sign Language is not spoken in the Philippines, so that would be pointless. You're better off looking for resources for Philippine Sign Language (FSL) and the first place to start would be a local university.

Is Korean Sign Language similar to American Sign Language?

British and American use the same spoken language, English. Yet the two sign languages, British Sign Language and American Sign Language are entirely different. Korean and American spoken languages are entirely different, and the sign language system is just as different.

What is Jillian in sign language?

In American Sign Language you fingerspell it

Is Australian sign language the same as American sign language?


How do you say 'bible' in american sign language?

To say "bible" in American Sign Language you would sign "Jesus" then "book."

Where is American sign language primarily used?

American Sign Language is the language used by the Deaf Community in the United States.

What states recognize American sign language as a language?

All fifty of the United States recognize American Sign Language as an official language.

What is the largest sign language in the world?

ASL, American Sign Language

Who is American Sign Language establishment?

I need to know about ASL that person who was established for American Sign Language. Who?