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Who invented Baroque music?

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It was never "invented" by a single person, it was developed over time. However, it roots come back to Rome, Italy.

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When was Baroque music invented?

baroque music was invented in Italy or france

Difference between baroque music and Renaissance music?

the difference between Renaissance and Baroque music, is that Baroque is

How is baroque music similar to classical music?

Baroque musique is classical music! It's just from a particular era of classal music (the baroque era).

When was Music of the Baroque created?

Music of the Baroque was created in 1972.

When was Italian Baroque Music created?

Italian Baroque Music was created in 2006.

What is the difference between chamber music and baroque music?

Chamber music is locked up. Baroque music needs to be fixed.

What does baroque music mean in musical terms?

The Baroque music is considered to be the music composed between 1680 and 1750.

What impact does Antonio Vivaldi have on music?

Vivaldi had a huge impact on Baroque music. Although Baroque music is usually associated with Bach or Handel, Vivaldi was one of the epitomized composers. His music is basically what Baroque music is about.

What are characteristic of the Baroque style?

Baroque music nearly always contains a harpsichord. The string family are the main family in Baroque music, meaning that string instruments play the melody. The only other instruments usually featured in Baroque music were early versions of the trumpet and the clarinet. There was no piano in Baroque music.

What would be a good sentence using the word baroque?

Baroque is a genre of music. e.g. This baroque music is being very well played.

Baroque music is played on which instruments?

The organ is usually the instrument that is often played with Baroque music.

Which key element contained in Baroque music did Classical music leave out?

which key element contained in the Baroque music that classical music left out

Why was baroque called its nickname?

why was baroque music called the nickname

What was the Baroque Doctrine of Affections and why was it so important in the music of the Baroque Period?

A Baroque idea that only one feeling should be communicated in a piece of music

What is vocal genre in baroque music?

The most important vocal genres in Baroque music were opera and oratorio

In the Baroque Period music for keyboard?

There were no pianos in the Baroque period, so any keyboard music was written for an organ or a harpsichord. Baroque music was written by Handel, Bach, Rameau, Coperin and Buxtehude.

Is Baroque music Renaissance?

No, the Renaissance period came slightly before the Baroque period. However, a large number of Baroque composers were influenced by Renaissance music.

What period before baroque music?

Before Baroque was the Renaissance era.

Is baroque music classical music?

Answer 1: No it isn'tAnswer 2: Technically no. Baroque music belongs to its own period, the Baroque period (1600-1760). It was followed by the Classical period (1750-1830). Baroque music and Classical music differ in terms of music theory, instrumentation, and key people. However, a lot of people (laymen) generalize pre-1900s music as "Classical music", so you could call Baroque music Classical music. Also, instead of using the term "Classical music" you could use the term "Serious music"

How does classical music differ from baroque music?

Technically...there is no difference. Baroque refers to a specific time period of Classical music (1600 - 1750).

What are facts about baroque period of music?

The word 'Baroque' was a term used to describe this new music as 'grotesque' or 'distorted'

Did baroque precede classical music?

In the regular "music textbook" usage of the terms, yes - Baroque preceded classical.

What is the definition of the word baroque?

Baroque was a style of music, art, and archetecture. Bach and Handl were baroque musicians; Rubens and Caravaggio were baroque artists.

What type of music did Bach compose?

Baroque Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer. He wrote several concertos, chorales, and pieces of music known as "Passions". His music was considered to be Baroque. Baroque music is a style of music that was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Most of the baroque music you hear today comes from which baroque period?

There is only 1 Baroque Period that I know of